Weekend Mayham

Are you excited?! You should be- it's March Madness, St. Patricks Day and the start of Dine In Brooklyn AND Hudson Valley Resturant Week all at once!!!  What a great time of year to be in the city!  For basketball watching I thought I would throw out a few great places to watch the games and eat some delicious BBQ.

Wildwood BBQ  is one of my go-to spots for sports watching. They have a ton of TV's an awesome Dirty Bird sandwich, Pulled Pork and delicious beer options.

Blue Smoke has less TV's than Wildwood but still makes some mean ribs and an awesome cheeseburger.  The bar up front would be the best place to catch some of the game action.

Dinosaur BBQ or RUB I'm putting these together because I did a post of them together.  RUB is awesome for BBQ right in the city, Dinosaur is even better if you want to get out.  Both have TV"s but Dinosaur's revamped bar has a lot more room and a lot more beer selection than RUB.

For your Restaurant Week pleasure:

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week  runs March 18th- 31st.  It's always nice to get out of the city at least for one night. This year I'm excited to be checking out X2O.

Dine In Brooklyn 2012 will also be running from March 19th-29th.  The list just came out so make your reservations now before they get gobbled up.

St Patrick's Day I can't give any recommendations- it's crazy almost everywhere.  Stay out of Midtown if you can or dive in head first and go totally nuts.  Have a Great Weekend Everyone!