Wahoo’s Tacos

The new fast food fish taco joint finally opened up in the hood and here’s what we found so far. 

 Enchiladas- good.

We’ve had the steak and chicken so far and they certainly don’t skimp on sauce or cheese. 

Taquitos- Good
The crunchy exterior and warm innards are classic- not life changing but a step up from your freezer section taquitos for sure.  

Carnita’s- awesome.
Easily the best thing we’ve sampled so far.  The pork was incredibly tender and had a lot of nice flavor going on as well.  

Margarita- hey it’s a margarita with some cactus up top.  What’s not to love.  We’ve also had their classic fish and shrimp tacos- both of which were delicious and quite health conscious as they were both grilled.

Wahoo’s is still in it’s opening phase so they certainly have some kinks to work out service wise but It’s a welcome addition to the hood.  I never went to Chipotle to begin with but I certainly won’t be going there now.