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Walkers Tribeca

People are always asking me to recommend the "perfect" NYC spot.  Something comfortable but classy, a place with great food and drink that Mom and Dad would enjoy but also a place for friends without those crazy Manhattan prices.  When I get this request I almost always send people to the same place- Walkers in Tribeca.   This isn't a place that's going to blow your socks off.  No this is a a neighborhood bar that's sophisticated yet comfortable with a variety of food always done well.  Regulars occupy most of the bar stools; a mix of young professionals, older couples and solo drinkers just stopping in for a pint and a chat.  The tables are usually filled with families.  Parents have some quiet time to talk while the kids draw on paper tablecloths with the free crayons. The menu includes everything from saucy Buffalo Wings with blue cheese and celery to Pan Roasted Salmon with roasted potatoes and asparagus.  I highly suggest checking out the del


It's extremely rare that Mr. T and I dine at the same place in one month but we feel so in love with Convina we went back the very next night for dinner again! Located inside the Park South Hotel the space serves as two different spots; a cozy cafe up front by day and a sleek, sexy restaurant by night with an open kitchen and gorgeous cocktail bar perfect for dining.  I'm a little obsessed with the Covina Hummus; served with bright market vegetables, warm chickpeas, toasted cumin and pita bread.  The veggies were so fresh they reminded me of my carrots from Blue Hill Stone Barns years ago and the huge platter was perfect for sharing over a drink or two. The menu includes a smattering of small plates along with handmade pastas, pizzas and mains.  Mr. T and I ordered the same exact thing both nights we dined; Wood Grilled Half Chicken for him with perilla and lemon jus... ...and the Covina Burger made from Wagyu and Ground Chuck for me.  This picture

Casa Neta

I'm absolutely  obsessed with Mexican food lately.  Mr. T thinks I'm crazy but I seriously just want to eat some form of taco for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So when taqueria and tequila bar Casa Neta moved into the old Flute Gramercy it was like a chorus of angels came down from heaven just for me. The redesigned space is long and sleek with a marble topped bar and a cozy alcove for more intimate dinners.  Drinks include all sorts of wine, margaritas and beer cocktails along with some Casa Neta originals like the creamy Oxacan Sunscreen with house horchata and coconut and a fruity Frida's Lover with cinnamon tequila and strawberry. A variety of tacos, ceviche and queso dot the menu including hefty Short Rib tacos loaded with layers of tender beef, poblano rajas, manchego cheese and an avocado- crema.  These were amazing and I loved how they put both the pico de gallo and guacamole on the side when I asked for no cilantro.   I was too full from the

The Corn & Blackberry Sundae at Maialino

I was devastated three years ago when Nancy Olson left Gramercy Tavern to move back to her native North Dakota.  She created some absolutely incredible desserts including my favorite ice cream treat of all time the  Blueberry Corn Sundae .  I honestly thought that masterpiece was gone forever until I found a similar creation just last week at sister restaurant Maialino. Blackberry takes the place of blueberry in this dessert with a rich mascarpone gelato drizzled with caramel sweet corn and blackberry compote then topped with a crispy popcorn cookie.  It's got that incredible sweet and savory balance I love so much and those fresh blackberries really showcase our fantastic New York State farms.  I split this dessert with friends on my birthday and then returned the very next day to have one all to myself :) Maialino Gramercy Park Hotel 2 Lexington Avenue at 21st Street New York, NY 10010

The Impossible Burger at Momofuku NIshi

Just about everyone in NYC is talked about the new Impossible Burger from David Chang.  His Chelsea Momofuku Nishi gets absolutely slammed at lunch and happy hour with eager vegetarians, vegans and carnivores alike clamoring to get a taste of this "unburger".   Created by a group of scientists, farmers and chefs who collaborated on getting that same delicious flavor of beef into an entirely plant based burger.  What they discovered was a molecule called "heme" which gives meat its that rich beefy flavor and even the red bloody color.  This "heme" molecule also occurs in plants and serves as the basis for this Impossible Burger.  Of Course veggie burgers have been around for ages and NONE of them taste like real beef...does this Impossible Burger really hold true?   First let's talk about the french fries.  These long, skinny ridiculously crisp fries are perfection. I mean seriously these are reason enough alone to go to Nishi.  The burger


I love finding hidden little gems around New York City my most recent discovery is Hi-Collar in the East Village.  Located bustling East 10th Street this tiny 13 seat spot is what's known as a "kissaten" a Japanese style tea house that also serves coffee.  The menu boasts over 10 different types of beans that can be served pour over, siphon or aeropress in addition to a few specialty drinks like the creamy Royal Milk Tea and my favorite the luscious Vietnamese Iced Coffee. The small food includes Omelets with tomato sauce and rice, a limited Berkshire Pork Katsu sandwich (only 10 per day) and wonderful Japanese Hot Cakes served alongside maple syrup, strawberries and a tangy yuzu butter.  These are quite similar to Western style pancakes but much lighter and fluffier. I felt delightfully content after eating these instead of stomach overload from the usual cakes.   The menu also includes an array of desserts and at 6:00 PM the entire space turns into a bar with a th

Tastes Talk All Star BBQ

It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be on the Brooklyn waterfront celebrating the third year of Taste Talks and the All Star BBQ Sunday.  The grills were smoking hot as chefs and celebs alike showcased some fantastic food collaborations.  There were 16 different food/drink stations and I manged to hit them all.  Here are a few of my favorites. My very first stop was at Blue Smoke for Chef Jean Paul's juicy Chicken Wings tossed in Alabama white sauce... ...followed by an incredible Grilled Pizza with pulled pork, creamy ranch slaw and crispy onions from the Brooklyn powerhouse team of Emily Loves Pizza and Hometown BBQ. I was really excited to check out the Chicken Thigh sandwich from MOMO Sushi since it incorporated yuzu kosho; an amazing spicy sweet condiment of yuzu peel and chilies from Japan that I love. Not only was this Chicken Thigh one of the best bites from the afternoon but it was served to me by none other than Chef Jarobi White one

Brew Hop 5K & Craft Beer Festival

Next Sunday it's time to strap on some sneakers and get ready to race for some fantastic craft beers while supporting one of the world's first food rescue organizations City Harvest. The first annual Brew Hop 5K is kicking off on September 18th with a great line up of New York City breweries, local food trucks and live music in a post race festival on Randall's Island. Breweries including Captain Lawrence, Singlecut, Sixpoint, Third Rail, Brooklyn Brewery, Great South Bay and more will be pouring unlimited samples of their beer while runners get to bring home a souvenir beer glass, beer koozies and a medal for completing the race.  Fantastic food trucks will also be on hand like the amazing burgers from Bareburger, Italian favorite Ponti Rossi and ice cream from vegan truck Blossom. Tickets are on sale now with special VIP passes still available that allow access to a private lounge with waiter service, free massages and exclusive food and beer pairings.  Tickets and

Lawson's Finest Maple Tripple Release

The whole reason for the Vermont trip was Lawson's Finest truck sale on Saturday where we had tickets to purchase the breweries fantastic IPA's and their annual Maple Tripple; a rich strong ale made with 100% maple sap from Vermont.  Since the sale was combined with a mini beer fest of sorts we stopped into Prohibition Pig for a solid morning brunch. As the name suggests any sort of "pig" at Prohibition Pig should be fabulous and this sandwich was absolute perfection.  Pulled Pork piled high with crunchy onion rings, chipotle sauce and a sloppy top of coleslaw on a soft Portuguese bun. I wish this sandwich could be in my life every day. Then it was onto Mad River Glen for the bottle pick up.  It was an absolutely glorious day outside and once people actually started to line up things went just as smoothly as the day before.  Ten minutes after opening all of our bottles were in the car and we off to enjoy some brews in the sun. The ski lodge had about six diff

One Last Summer Trip- Vermont

I love Vermont.  Mr. T and I go about 4 times a year and something about those rolling green hills, the fresh crisp air and all that great beer, cheese and maple syrup just make for a fantastic trip.  Neither of us did much traveling this year so an end of season trip with friends seemed like the perfect way to close out summer.  Of course nothing ever seems to go as planned for us.  The night before Mr. T starting feeling sick and by the next morning it was painfully obvious he wouldn't be coming with me to Vermont (or even leaving the apartment for the next few days).  I felt absolutely terrible leaving him home in this state but he insisted I go on with the trip as we already had friends to meet, beer fest tickets purchased, hotel rooms etc. Now I don't cry very often but when I do I have a lot of trouble stopping once I start. I felt so bad for Mr. T being stuck at home I pretty much cried my entire cab ride to Penn Station onto the LIRR and AirTrain all the way to Newar

Eataly NYC Downtown

When Eataly moved into my neighborhood a few years ago it truly changed my life.   All of sudden I had a one stop shop for everything I could ever need; fresh balls of mozzarella, home made pastas, amazing fruits and veggies, a meat and fish counter plus all those Italian desserts.  I love my Eataly and the new Eataly Downtown is just as wonderful.  In fact it actually has a couple new additions that might make it even better!  Here's a look at a few: L'Espresso & Il Vino -  This gorgeous circular bar is the very first stopping point when coming off the escalator. Most people never realize it's okay to drink some wine while shopping at the flagship Eataly; but with this new addition front and center guests are encouraged to try a tasting flight, pick a glass or grab a bottle of something wonderful before moving on. Le Insalate-  Downtown Eataly is located in the middle of the financial district making it a prime spot for lunch.  Naturally a salad counter makes pe