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If food is art then Shawn Hergatt may be the Picasso of our time.  The most recent lunch with my friend Carrie was a breathtaking display of colors and textures that just seemed to dance across the plate.

Haas Avocado- Spot prawn- Cucumber Blossom

Tapioca-Local Black Bass- Iberico

Chocolate- Lovage- Oats

Everything from start to finish was exquisite.  There were multiple times throughout the meal where we would both go silent, as if our taste buds were commanding us to focus solely on the incredible flavors in each dish; like the delicate sweetness of the tapioca pearls elevating a simple fish to extraordinary levels.  For $35 this 3 course meal is an absolute steal.

Sweet Corn Beignets drizzled with honey and Green Tea Macadamia were a parting gift from the chef....just a small delicious reminder of the amazing meal. 

New Brew Friday- Kane Brewing

One of my favorite local breweries isn't even in NYC but across the Hudson River.  Kane Brewing is located on the coast of New Jersey and has been cranking out spectacular beer for three years now. Last night was their anniversary celebration at Barcade complete with 12 taps of Kane goodness.  I honestly planned to drink everything so I started with a few shorter pours.

Highlights included the double IPA Overhead which is always one of my favorites... crisp and dry with lots of pine and citrus; Vanilla A Night to End All Dawns a massive stout loaded with flavors of chocolate cream, bourbon and Madagascar vanilla beans and the Sunday Brunch, a frothy imperial porter with flavors of cinnamon, maple syrup, chocolate and coffee.  It was almost like eating a big delicious plate of Cinnamon French Toast. 
The event was crowded but not overbearing.  There may even be some great stuff left on tap today so get over to Jersey City and celebrate- Cheers!
Kane Brewing

Boqueria Soho

There's nothing more fun than sitting back with a glass of wine and nibbling on small plates while catching up with an old friend.  Luckily there are a ton of bars in NYC offering just that like Boqueria.

I hardly ever go to a tapas bar without ordering Datiles con Beicon...plump juicy dates stuffed with almonds and Veldeon cheese then wrapped in crisp bacon.  They're super rich and sweet...definitely something to share with a friend.

As is the cheese...this time we tried the Rosemary Manchego a hard, nutty cheese with the strong evergreen flavor of rosemary in the rind.  The only thing I don't share is the Berza y Zanahorias salad.  Kale and cumin roasted carrots topped with pomegranate, sunflower seeds and dollops of labne yogurt drizzled with a citrus dressing.

The flavor reminds me a bit of our carrots at Manfreds and Vin with that sweet, nutty flavor I love so much.  I usually ask to go light on the pomegranate seeds.  I really enjoy them in the mix but sometimes they pu…

Tuesday Treats

I love it when something new pops up in Eataly's pastry case. This month it's the decadent Di Vino... 

...toasted white chocolate mousse stuffed with wine and raspberry gelee on top a rice sponge cake covered in toasted chocolate.

Who doesn't like a little wine with dessert :)


Lunch at Bouley

I always say my favorite thing about living in New York City is the ability to escape without ever really leaving at all.  Case in point...Bouley.  One step inside and it's like you've been transported to a gorgeous countryside restaurant in the south of France.  A wall of fresh apples greet you at the door and the arched ceilings provide a cozy, sophisticated feel to the room just perfect for a long romantic meal.  

Bouley offers a 5 course tasting menu at lunch for just $55...still one the the best deals in the city.  To begin an amuse bouche of Strawberry Soup with tomato gelee and cucumber...

...and a decadent crisp topped with whipped potato and black truffle.

I chose the Big Eye Tuna as my appetizer nestled inside a green apple and bergamot foam with Osetra Caviar...

...and Mr. T ordered a thick Sweet Corn soup with organic farm egg.

Second course was an easy decision for us both.  The Porcini Flan with Golden Princess crab and black truffle dashi is a must order.  Unleashing…

Lunch at Astoria Bier and Cheese

Astoria Bier and Cheese is always a pit stop I make in Queens.  They have an excellent selection of beer, friendly staff and a surprisingly awesome list of sandwiches like The Italiano.

Thin ribbons of Prosciutto di Parma, fresh Mozzarella and marinated Piquello Pepeers piled high on a crusty's salty and sour...perfect for pairing with a crisp local IPA like the Other Half Hop Showers.

The best part is enjoying it on the patio out back with a craft beer in hand and sun shining bright.  One of the last places to catch some summer rays.

Astoria Bier and Cheese
34-14 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11106

Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

Last week Eric Ripert and Le Bernardin's master of wine, Aldo Sohm opened up a wine bar right around the corner from the restaurant.

The menu is small...a selection of charcuteries, cheese and small plates like Grilled Foie Gras Lollipops, Spicy Chicharones and Truffle Pasta.  There's also a few "by the piece" options like a cheesy Romaine Salad Spear Gratinee ($4.25/piece)

...and a juicy Short Rib Skewer with fried shallot and red wine reduction ($12/skewer).

The food is simple and rustic... the perfect accompaniment to the incredible wine list Aldo has put together for the bar.

Wines by the glass begin at $11 and while the bottle list has some "knock your socks off" bottles there is also a number of affordable options proving that this is a wine bar truly meant for everyone.  
Aldo Sohm Wine Bar 151 West 51st Street between Broadway & 8th Ave New York, NY 10019

New Park Pizza

New Park Pizza is a brick oven pizza parlor that's been operating out in Howard Beach for over 55 years.

Right around noon each day a steady line of people stream in and out...some holding big boxes filled with whole pies but most just grabbing what New Park Pizza is known most for...the classic slice.

It's thin and crisp...perfecting for folding in half with a slightly droopy middle.  There's a good amount of cheese (I like my pizza cheesy) and a really delicious sauce on top that's sweet and maybe a tad salty...but in a great lip smacking salty way.

The bottom could be a bit more charred (extra crispy order for next visit) but this is still one of the best slices I've ever had in New York. I love my fancy pizzerias like DiFara's and Paulie Gees but when your looking for a delicious everyday slice this is the place to go.

New Park Pizza
156-71 Cross Bay Boulevard
Howard Beach, 11414

Taste Talks- All Star BBQ

Williamsburg was the epicenter of food this weekend with Taste Talks taking over the waterfront.  There was the Chicken and Waffles brunch, the Future Food Expo, food panels galore and an incredible All Star BBQ Sunday chock full of glorious meat like this Pig Head Salad with green mango, cabbage, cilantro, mint, mala vinaigrette and fish powder.

This was a David Santos/Jonathan Wu collaboration (Louro & Fung Tu) and it was flawless. The rich flavor of the pig was balanced perfectly by the sweet slivers of mango.

Lamb Tartare from Danny Bowien was chopped super fine with spicy sriracha and jalapeno and on a crisp, salty tortilla shell.

But the best of the bunch had no meat at all!  The veggie burger from Brooks Headly at Del Posto was so amazing it sold out just 30 minutes into the 2nd session.  I really hope she gets a place to grill these up full time.  Here's a look at some of the rest...

Barbecue Duck with sorghum, ginger and five spice flat bread from Wlima Jean.

Texas Hot Gut…

Weekend Events!

September is always chock full of fantastic food events and this weekend has two that are going to be fantastic!

Taste of Gramercy  This is the 2nd year for Taste of Gramercy hosted by the GNA and you can expect food tastings from restaurants like Gramercy Tavern, Casa Mona, Barbounia and Bedford Cheese.  The event takes place on the gorgeous street of Irving Place and tickets can be purchased directly from their website.

Taste Of Gramercy

Danny Bowien curates this amazing event in Brooklyn which includes a whole weekend filled with food.  You can start your Saturday with a Chicken and Waffles brunch and then head over to the Future Foods Expo or check one of the fantastic panels going on that day.  My pick would be the Beer Tasting conversation with Other Half's Sam Richardson.  Round out the weekend with an All Star Chef BBQ on East River Park with over 20 chefs grilling up some serious 'cue.

Taste Talks

Dominique Ansel

I really can't walk through the West Village without stopping into Dominique Ansel for one of his incredible creations.  This time I was having a serious craving for chocolate...not just a little square of chocolate but a rich, decadent kind of chocolate craving....enter the Chocolate Pecan cookie.

This cookie was flourless so it had that super chewy texture inside with crisp edges and a thick fudgy middle that was everything rich and decadent I was hoping for.

It's honestly more like a brownie than a cookie but I'm not one to argue with Dominique Ansel...he's keeping my chocolate quota completely filled.

Dominique Ansel
189 Spring Street between Thompson & Sullivan
New York, NY 10012

Brunch at Fonda- Chelsea

Fonda is one of my absolute favorite places in the city for a big delicious Mexican brunch. My go-to dish is the Huevos Divorciados...a big saucy dish of eggs, salsa, ranchero and cheese all piled on top a crispy corn tortilla.

A side of rice and beans always accompanies the dish...the only true decision I ever have to make it what to drink.

Last time I tried out a fruity watermelon margarita...perfect for the humid weather and with just the right amount of salt.

The trek down to Avenue B was the only reason I didn't go to Fonda more often but with a brand new location right in Chelsea I can get my Mexican brunch fix every weekend!

Fonda Restaurant
189 9th Avenue & 21st Street
NYC, NY 10011

New Brew Friday- Third Rail Bodega

Third Rail Brewing launched last week across the city and we had the opportunity to try out their Bodega an American Pale Ale brewed with Citra and Centennial hops.

These guys really nailed it for their first beer...gorgeous orange color with a frothy head, tons of citrus and a little bit of pine.  This was incredibly drinkable and refreshing.  They have a couple beers around town; a dry hopped version of this Pale Ale and a Farmhouse Ale that's crisp and funky.  If your gonna try a new beer this Friday I highly recommend one from these guys.  Cheers!

Third Rail Beer


Last weekend we celebrated my Father's 75th birthday with dinner at Scapetta.  Italian restaurants have always been a favorite of my his and this meal started out strong with an amazing basket of bread.

Thick slices of stromboli filled with smoked mozzarella were the star of the paired with creamy spinach and the other spicy salami.

Foccacia was used for the accouterments...creamy marscapone butter, citrus infused olive oil and a delicious eggplant caponata.  The bread was honestly so wonderful we devoured one basket and ordered a second.

Braised Octopus with ceci beans, olives and pancetta was incredible. I loved the red wine flavor and was pleasantly surprised by the crisp exterior of the meat.

Creamy Polenta with fricassee of truffled mushrooms was an absolute show stopper.  It was so rich and spoon kept finding its way into that little bowl for just one more bite.

Somehow Scott Conant found a way to take an incredibly boring dish like spaghetti and turn it in…