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Vermont- Misery Loves Company

Ahhhhh Vermont, one of our truly happy places to visit.  We usually spend most of our time in the little town of Waterbury, but lately we've been trying to explore other areas which led us to Winooski and lunch at Misery Loves Co. This cute little spot sits on the Main Street of town with a lively, hip interior and more casual picnic style tables out front perfect for soaking up the summer sun. We ordered up a couple of Vermont beers then dove into appetizers; Steak Tartare for me and Fresh Cheese with honey for Mr. T. The Steak Tartare arrived diced with pickled mustard seeds and grated smoked Vermont Cheddar on top.  I love a salty potato chip with my tartare and the smoked Cheddar gave the dish a nice creamy, hearty texture.   Mr. T's fresh cheese appetizer combined honey and herbed matzo with bright red raspberries that burst with flavors of the season.   We decided to split The Rough Francis sandwich  for our main; basically an enormous mound of fried chicke

Joe & Pat's Pizzeria

Since I've revealed our insane pizza eating this summer I figured it would be okay to do back to back pizza posts; so here's our next new favorite Joe & Pat's.  This family owned spot is somewhat of an institution over in Stanton Island where it's been slinging pies since opening back in 1960.  They've had such huge success they opened up a second outpost in the East Village and we've been reaping the benefits ever since. All their pies are thin crust and crispy with flat charred edges and the perfect ratio of cheese to sauce.  I highly suggest ordering the 1960's Original which showcases the freshness of the cheese and their delicious signature sauce.  Or the Tri-Pie for those undecided folks which combines tomato, vodka and pesto into one whole pie. Really anyone who struggles with ordering should have a relatively easy time here.  All the pizza's are available as half and half and for those that don't enjoy pizza there's a l

SottoCasa Harlem

We've been eating a lot of pizza this summer here at NYC Tastes, I mean A LOT.  More than just our usual Joe's Pizza order, we've been consuming great new pies all over the city and one of our favorites has been at Sottocasa. This tiny little spot in Harlem specializes in Neapolitan pizza, but not that limp, soupy pie that's associated with that style.  This pizza is thicker, with a pillow soft exterior studded with bubbles of char from their wood burning oven, then topped with some of the freshest ingredients I've ever tasted on pizza.  Like the Valdostana with tomato, prosciutto and sage finished with melted mozzarella and fontina cheese. Or the Tartufata, a white pie layered with homemade truffle spread and topped with mushroom, basil and prosciutto di parma.  Mr. T loved the Tartufata while I fell head over heels for the saucy Valdostana. There were so many fantastic textures and flavors going on from the crispy bites of sage to the salty ribbons of pr

Summer Fancy Food Show 2018

The Javits Center was transformed into a food empire last week by the Specialty Food Association's Summer Fancy Food Show; a three day extravaganza of 2,600 exhibitors showcasing 200,000 specialty food products.  It's absolutely impossible to try every single item but I did my very best. MilkBoy was the big winner this year taking home three Sofie awards. Their milk chocolate with crunchy caramel & sea salt won gold followed by roasted almond and white chocolate with blue potato chips.  I'm a big fan of any kind of chocolate laced with salt so I found myself at this booth every single day. I'm also a huge fan of butter so the folks over at  Epicurean Butter  pretty much stole my heart with their thick, creamy varietals like Chili Lime, Black Truffle and Roasted Garlic & Herb. Barcoop Bevy  took home a Sofie award in the Top Innovations category for their Cucumber Mojtio cocktail mix... ..along with Sauces 'n Love  for their incredible Pum

Brunching at The Studio

Sundays morning brunch at the Studio always begins with some kind of pastry; a thick Chocolate Morning Bun, a flaky Sourdough Croissant or a slice of the delightfully swirled Chocolate Coffee Babka. After something sweet a brunch classic with a Middle Eastern spin, like the NYC bagel & lox with cream cheese reinvented here with a sour labneh and smoked salmon on a sesame crusted Simt bagel. Or the Poached Eggs with a beautiful spring pea humus studded with a rich lamb merguez and a fluffy grilled pita on the side. Sunday mornings are always best starting at The Studio. The Studio 23 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10010