Last Meal in Philly- Village Whiskey

The last meal before leaving Philly Sunday was at Village Whiskey. We got there right before noon and got a table up front. I ordered the Village Burger with Jasper Farms Cheddar and we split some Tater Tots and Duck Fat Fries with Sly Fox-Cheddar Sauce.

My burger was unfortunately very overcooked- I had asked for medium rare and it came out well done. I would have returned it but we were tight on time to catch our train. But honestly there wasn’t much flavor to the meat itself anyway.

 The duck fat fries were just okay (I like a thinner fry) but the cheese sauce they came with was downright delicious.

The tater tots were only okay as well but I couldn’t put my finger on the smoky flavor in there- anyone know? I also thought it was a bit odd how perfectly shaped both the burger and the tots were. It was almost as if they molded each one.

For my cocktail I absolutely loved the Champs Elysees and I really wish I could have had one more while I was there but again- short on time.

So that’s my final Philly report. It was a fun trip with lots of good food and interesting Philadelphian's to say the least.  Now to take a really looooong nap.

Village Whiskey