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The Best Dumplings in Chinatown

Last Sunday Mr. T and I meet up at J&R to get some sort of cord. I honestly am not even sure that's what we needed but it seems like we are always buying something that requires a new cord or cable. I had been walking around the Seaport earlier because I hadn't been there all summer. BTW I wasn't missing much! At least on the main drag of the Seaport itself. It was overrun with tons of people! More than I have ever seen! I could hardly move there were some many people and so many different languages going on I felt a little woozy. I did find a nice calm street right off the strip though. Front street actually was completely empty and filled with lots of cute shops and restaurants. That's why I love New York. One block can make a world of difference!! Anyway after we were unsuccessful finding the cord (or whatever it was) Mr. T needed we decided to walk over into Chinatown a little and get some food. We couldn't decided what we wanted. Noodles, Pork Buns, Beef Je

A Soho Lunch Au Natural

I had a half day of work last week just for the hell of it. I realized a little too late that summer was almost over and I wanted to enjoy it a little more. It was a perfect day outside- 80 degrees and sunny. I decided to take myself out to lunch and soak in some late summer rays. I got out of the subway in Soho and thought I would wander around a little bit and find an outdoor place. Well I had really only gone about 10 feet when I saw Spring Street Natural. I walk home from work by this place at least twice a week. The tables are always occupied with the Soho shoppers and tourists of all kinds. Today there was actually one small rickety table unoccupied in the sunlight. Just what I was looking for- I grabbed the seat. The table itself wasn’t actually rickety. It just happened to be right on top of those grates leading into the restaurant cellar. Okay- I have a serious phobia of those grates. I don’t even walk on them in the city because I am so scared of them opening up and

Mercadito Grove

This is going to be kind of a quick post. We've been so busy lately with guests it's been a little ridiculous. I am kind of happy the summer is ending so stuff will slow down but also sad because summer is over :( Anyway, Mr. T had family in town so we wanted to meet up for dinner at a casual fun place. I figured Mercadito Grove would be a good because we could sit outside in the sun and they have a bunch of vegetarian options. I made reservations a week before for 8 people outside. The day of the dinner I called the restaurant to confirm and was told they had no reservation recorded. I was a little upset but said okay then can I make one for 8 people outside. The man then tells me they can't sit that many people outside. Okay now I'm a little pissed. I wouldn't have suggested this place if I hadn't had a reservation outside. Not only that but we already planned the entire night around going to this place. We argue a little and then he says fine. Come in by 5:30

Toffee, Chocolate & Pistachios!

Just a quick update- I was walking around Kalustyans yesterday looking to pick up some cinnamon sugar coated almonds when I spotted a new item. Chocolate covered toffee encrusted pistachios! Okay those three things are some of my favorite things in the world and now they are together in one candy! Yum! I bought a quarter pound and came home to share them with Mr. T. Next thing I knew I was back at the store about an hour later buying more because we had already gone through the bag! Go get some!!

Eleven Madison Made Me a Liar

This meal actually happened a couple weeks ago. I'm a little behind but it was so fatastic I needed to share it with the world:) In my previous post about Park Avenue Summer, I said it was the best Restaurant Week meal I had ever had. And it was...until two days later when I went to Eleven Madison Park and got my socks knocked off. Now I have been to Eleven Madison twice before for dinner, and while I enjoyed it, it never blew me away. I mean the crispy pork was always amazing of course, but that's all I really remember being fabulous. Well now I can say, Eleven Madison blew me away AND it was during restaurant week! It was the last day of restaurant week and Mr. T and I had the day off of work. We decided we would try to get in one more RW lunch. We started out by going to the Tavern room at Gramercy tavern. We walked up and were greeted by about 20 people crammed into the front room waiting for a seat. We turned around and headed straight for Eleven Madison. I was scared th

One of the Worst Meals of my Life at Ushi Wakamaru

Okay, I want to preface this post by saying that I really don't enjoy giving bad reviews. Who Does? I wish every meal out could be a fantastic culinary experience. But you know what? That just does not happen all the time. And it really didn't happen to Mr. Trekker and I this past Thursday night. It started out nice enough. We meet up after work at Pegu Club where we enjoyed some really tasty cocktails. When I walked inside I immediately fell in love with the look of the place. Long hardwood floors and candle lit tables gave the room a hip but cozy feel. I ordered the Pisco Punch which is pineapple infused pisco brandy with grapefruit, lemon juice and lime syrup. It was so tasty I easily could have had four or five of these things. Dangerous for sure. Mr. T tried out their signature Pegu Club cocktail and the Tantric sidecar which were both awesome although definently stronger than my Pisco Punch. After a couple drinks we headed across the street to Ushi Wakamaru fo

BBQ Face Off!! Dinosaur vs. RUB

So we went out to two BBQ dinners this past week and I have to compare them since we got basically the same things. Okay- just to start- I have eaten at both RUB and Dinosaur BBQ before, although the dinosaur I ate at was in Syracuse, but I knew what to expect walking in. At Dinosaur we started off by splitting an order of their Honey BBQ and Garlic Chipotle wings. This is one of each and once I saw them coming to our table I couldn't help but smile. These were actual wings!! They were big, meaty and oh so close to the Buffalo wings I grew up with!! The Honey BBQ sauce was nice although I thought it could be a little sweeter The Garlic chipotle however rocked!!! They had an excellent smokey garlic flavor which just enough spice at the end to leave your lips and mouth burning for a few seconds after. For my main I ordered the 1/2 rack BBQ Plate that came with a choice of two sides and cornbread. The ribs were just as I remembered from Syracuse. Meat that was juicy, moist and covered

A Fantittalliastic Falafel

Okay so Fantittalliastic isn't really a word but that's how I feel after I had one of these falafels today!! I was heading to work this afternoon, through the West Village, when I happened across Taim. I saw a guy outside the small shop, eating what looked like an amazing sandwich so I stopped in to grab some lunch. It was about 12:45 and the 5 stools inside Taim were filled and there were about 5 others waiting patiently in the sardine tin space for their food. They had an awesome sounding Sun dried Tomato Falafel special but I decided to try one of their usual ones first so I went for the Red Whole wheat Pita falafel. About ten minutes later I was out the door on my way to the office to indulge in my amazing pocket of goodness. Look at the little guy in there when I opened him up! Don't be shy little guy! You should be strutting your stuff with all of those toppings and awesome balls of flavor! Yum! I took a bite right into one of the falafel balls and the wonderful taste