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Mexico Here We Come!!!

Well folks we're off! Hopefully in about 12 hours Mr. T and I will be arriving in Mexico to beautiful weather and sunny skies. Our friends and family will be joining us on Wednesday and then Friday we get hitched! Hopefully everything goes well.

I know I'm going to have my fair share of drinks throughout the trip and hopefully all the food we picked out will be awesome. I'll try to uplaod at least one picture during the week, whether it be margarita, taco or churro. As long as it's tasty. Hasta luego!!!

Little Cheese Pub

First of all, doesn’t this name just make you picture a cozy, wooden little nook with fabulous aromas of bubbling, oozy cheeses? It did for me and I wasn’t really that far off. The Little Cheese Pub just opened on the west side of 23rd Street by the owners of Klee Brasserie.

The space is just as its labeled- little. With a squat wooden table up front and 3 long tables in the back with some two seaters on the side. The whole place has a rustic, country side feel that’s incredibly easy to settle into. I mean really- what’s better than lolling around Saturday afternoon enjoying cheese and wine?

The menu had about 15 different cheeses and we decided to try out three to begin. From left to right we have the Casatica di Bufala Lombardy, Grand Cru Gruyere and Gourmino. I honestly liked all of these cheeses but my favorite in the end was the Castica di Bufala. I always love the buffalo milk cheeses. They’re so creamy and satisfying, almost like dessert. I only wish the accompanied spread was so…

New Financier!

I was so excited that a branch of Financier opened right over on 6th Avenue and 22nd Street. What’s not to love about a place that gives you free little cakes every time you get a drink. It’s like my dream come true!

I swung by the other day and ordered my usual double espresso and took a spot looking out the window to the side. I started to open up myl little almond cake when I realized this cake looked different. This wasn’t a usual financier?

It was chocolate! A chocolate financier with little bits of shaved almond on top! I had never gotten a different flavor before. Am I behind on this? Is it possible their have been different flavors all along and I have just been getting the almond one somehow each and every time I go? I was shocked to say the least. It was a pretty tasty little cake but I have to say I enjoy the original a bit better. Maybe I’m just a creature of habit but the almond cake just goes with their coffee. Well that certainly took me by surprise however. …

Solo at Cafe Sabarsky

I bought my father a gift certificate to Café Sabarsky for Christmas last year and he never used it. My parents came to visit NYC and the gift certificate sat at home. Obviously he had forgotten it and unfortunately it had an expiration date. So instead of coming to visit again they sent it back to me to use. Nothing like buying your own birthday present!

So Monday afternoon I realize the certificate is set to expire that day. I had just had a huge food weekend what with Five Points, Millieseme and Gramercy Tavern but I figured what the hell- I’m going anyway. I swear most brides-to-be try to lose 10 pounds before their wedding. I’ve decided to do the exact opposite and put 10 on.

So I went to Sabarsky right after work and got there around 4:45. I knew they closed at 6:00 on Mondays and the place was pretty empty already. I was able to get a table right by the window and I started out with a lovely glass of Gemischter Satz. This is a very crisp white wine with so much mineral…

Happy Friday Cocktail!

It’s the weekend again! Phew! I need a break for sure. What’s better than unwinding with a delicious cocktail.

I was feeling a little James Bondish the other night, so I swung by the Redhead for a Vesper. They skip the vodka in this classic drink and go straight with Beefeater Gin, white lillet, triple sec and fresh lemon. I loved the addition of lemon juice and triple sec; it really helped take the edge off the gin and made this a delightful little drink. Cheers!

Sunday Lunch at the Tavern

Okay, Okay already! You all know I love the Tavern but I really can’t stop talking about it and I can’t stop going! So I’ll make this one brief. After a fabulous Saturday night Mr. T and I met up with his sister for a nice lunch before she left the city. Kate loves Gramercy Tavern just as much, if not more than me, so it was an easy choice.

We got there right around 12:00 and the place was empty. Kate and I decided we needed a little hair of the dog so I ordered a glass of Franciacorta Rosé Brut. Who doesn’t enjoy some bubbles in the morning!

I was leaning toward the meat for my entrée but instead ordered the Sea Bass with
Swiss Chard, Capers, Pine Nuts and Sweet Onion Sauce. The Sea Bass was beautiful both visually and balance wise. The Swiss Chard was sautéed ever so slightly and gave a nice bitter base for the sweet fish and onion sauce. The pine nuts were like a fun surprise. Each time I got one I loved the nutty crunch they added to the dish. I ate the whole thing in no…


My Saturday with the ladies continued after Five Points with champagne and manicures at Eden Spa, cocktails at Cooper Square and the Soho Grand and finally onto dinner at newly opened Millesime in the Carlton Hotel.

I hadn’t been inside since it was the restaurant Country and I have to say I like the redesign. The downstairs lounge is more dark and comfortable while the upstairs restaurant is bright and lively like a traditional French brasserie should be. They even kept the French trend going with these cute salt and pepper shakers.

We got seated right near the raw bar and set out to ordering some drinks. I’ll say this right now. The only part of the meal I was disappointed in was the wine list. I was absolutely shocked. The cheapest bottle on the list was $55 and it rose exponentially from there. For a place that has $18-$20 entrees and bills itself as a casual seafood restaurant I was appalled. One of the things I love about the great restaurants of NYC is finding excellent…

Brunch at Five Points

Saturday Morning I awoke for the best thing ever. Brunch! You all know Mr. T’s feeling on brunch so whenever I have the chance to actually enjoy one I get so excited! Today’s was at Five Points, long been known as a fabulous brunch destination for its food and atmosphere. Walking inside it was evident that it was very popular. There was a line out the door but luckily we had reservations and sat right away.

I started off with a tasty White Peach Bellini but I wish I had ordered this Rosemary Bloody Mary instead. Wow! Huge salt crystals rimmed the glass and the wonderful smell of rosemary filled the air when you tipped the spicy drink back. It was a seriously tasty Bloodie.

The one thing they offer here that excited me more than anything were churros! I love churros and they are so hard to find in this city! So our very first brunch dish were the Churros with Mexican Hot Chocolate. These were so freaking fantastic. The churros were still warm, having been pulled from the oil …

Restaurant Week Lunch at Riverpark

I woke up bright and early Thursday morning to find an enormous blanket of snow outside and all city schools closed. Since my work closes when schools close- I had a snow day! To be honest I was pretty angry at first- I have a ton of stuff going on right now and really wanted to get it finished. However it was out of my hands- fate had another plan for me that day and once I remembered it was Restaurant Week, my anger diminished completely.

I started my day with a nice walk through Madison Square Park that was looking absolutely beautiful from the storm. I love when snow covers the city. Everything turns so quiet and lovely. I contemplated making a snow man but decided I wasn’t quite dressed for such a task and walked over to Eataly instead.

Walking inside Eataly was a totally different experience since the snowfall as well. Instead of the lively hustle and bustle that usually greets me, I entered a clam, warming sanctuary. There were maybe 5 people inside the whole place and ev…