Bar Bite and Beers at Brabant Belgian

I was thrilled to here about the new Belgian Brasserie Brabant opening- what a great excuse to drink some tasty brews!  I had been planning a dinner there when a chance run in with a friend found us sitting at the bar there earlier than planned.

First of all they had Leffe Brun on tap which is always a delicious choice in my book.  And I followed that up with another delicious beer I had never tried the Brasserie St.-Feuillien Saison.

Since neither of us were really hungry we decided to just split an appetizer of Croquettes de Gruyere.

As you can see these were just big old balls of fried cheese with some tomato sauce on the side.  I have to say these were quite tasty although I'm not sure they stood out more than any other kind of croquette or mozzarella stick I've ever had.  It's good food for beer drinking though that's for sure. 

It was only 4:30 on a Friday afternoon but I was surprised we were the only ones at the bar...this is Midtown after all but maybe everyone was working hard this Friday!   The set up was a little weird certainly more bar than restaurant- but I loved how they had almost every Belgian beer glass and the menu looks awesome!  They still have a few kinks to work out service wise but if I find myself in Midtown again I'll be sure to stop by and check out a proper meal.