The word to describe a weekend of incredible food, beer, forests and folks?  Well it might not be in the regular dictionary but in my personal Roze dictionary it's called Vermonting and we did just that two weeks ago up in Waterbury.  After a great Friday night with Arthur Puncheon at Hill Farmstead we began Saturday afternoon with a stop at Prohibition Pig, one of our favorite spots in Waterbury. For years I came to this restaurant and ordered the creamy Crisphead Salad and Chick n' Biscuits; two incredibly delicious menu items but I was always missing one huge thing.  THE PIG!  

So now I always order the special pork sandwich of the day, this time the Mumble Bee.  A chopped pork ciabatta sandwich piled high with coleslaw, honey habanero sauce and crispy onion strings. This was awesome- sweet, spicy and seriously messy.  Don't eat this unless you're completely comfortable with being covered in sauce and onion strings and of course always add on the Duck Fat Fries.

We ne…

New Brew Friday- Arthur Puncheon

It's New Brew Friday!  And I'm shooting back two weeks to Vermont where I spent Friday afternoon getting to know the lovely Arthur Puncheon.

Puncheon is Hill Farmstead's regular saison Arthur, a funky, grassy beer with big notes of tart lemon and hay, that's been aged for a few months in their barrels (puncheons). The result is a bright, golden beer with lots of wine barrel funk on the nose but with softer, more delicate lemon and oak flavors than Arthur with a creamy, bubbly structure and a crisp, dry finish.   This was an absolutely delightful beer.  Full Vermont food recap next week but for now- cheers to the weekend!

Hill Farmstead
403 Hill Road
Greensboro Bend, VT 

Brunch at Gem Saloon

There's a new brunch spot in the 'hood offering delicious bar food in a casual space without any of those annoying brunch crowds; the new Gem Saloon inside the former Rodeo Bar. The old country music space has been redone into a bigger, brighter restaurant with tall wooden four tops dotting the circular bar and larger tables in the back with those classic tin ceiling tiles still intact overhead.

The brunch menu boasts a variety of plates for just about any appetite; hearty Steak 'n Eggs with hash browns, Grilled Pancakes with fresh berries, Smoked Salmon Benedict and a smattering of lunch options like the Chopped Saloon Salad or Classic Cheeseburger.
The last visit I ordered a Grilled Chicken Sandwich served with sliced tomatoes, kale slaw and melted Swiss Cheese on a fluffy roll studded with onions and a side of crispy fries.  It wasn't exactly exciting but it was certainly delicious and at just $14.00 a relative bargain.

Plus each entree comes with a complimentary brunc…

Sunday Morning Vibes

Ahhhhhh...Sunday mornings without a thing to do should always begin at Daily Provisions. 

A piping hot cup of coffee for me and a bright green Iced Matcha for Mr. T perfect for kicking off the AM with some energy.

Of course one can't survive on drinks alone so in addition to their amazing crullers a fluffy Egg Sandwich layered with thick cut Berkshire bacon and melted American cheese.  Ahhhh...easy like a Sunday morning indeed.

Daily Provisions
103 East 19th Street
New York, NY 10003

Dominique Ansel Delights

Easter is right around the corner and what could be better than bringing along some incredible desserts from Dominique Ansel Kitchen.  I highly suggest the West Village Caramel Chocolate Cake a crispy sea salt wafer base layered with dark chocolate mousse, chocolate cake and caramel cremeux that's lightly soaked in bourbon (yes BOURBON) then topped with a milk chocolate icing.  It's truly one of the best chocolate cakes in all of New York City.

For those who enjoy the fruitier side of life there's the Hidden Apple Tart Tatin made with caramelized apples, caramel mousse and Chantilly cream covered in a gorgeous pate a choux lattice..

Honestly everything from Dominique Ansel is amazing so no matter what you choose it's sure to be a big hit.
Dominique Ansel Kitchen 137 7th Avenue South at Charles Street New York, NY 10014

Happy Hour at Ruffian Wine Bar

This fabulous weather we're having can cause such happy accidents sometimes.  Take for example last week as I was enjoying a sunny East Village stroll and became engulfed in a traffic jam of tourists outside Bay Gay Ice Cream.  There were so many people I got flustered and turned to run away when the intoxicating smell of roasted mushrooms and garlic came wafting out the window next door.  I peeked inside and found the cute, unassuming Ruffian Wine Bar.  

This cozy little space owned by Tabla alum Patrick Cournot was rocking out some old school hip hop music and a small but lovely happy hour menu of snacks and wines.  I decided upon a rich, dry white wine from Croatia and one of the happy hour plates.

Sharp slices of Cabot Cheddar cheese with honey drenched almonds and creamy apple butter served alongside thick slices of whole grain bread. 

They say it's the simple things in life that matter most and at that moment this simple spread of wine and cheese was the only care I had in …

Brunch at Stanton Social

Stanton Social was absolutely my favorite restaurant when it opened years ago.  I went there for almost every occasion- birthdays, friends visits, mothers day...really anytime was an excuse to hang out in those cozy booths and share small plates all night.  I'm not really sure why we stopped going.  Maybe I just got caught up in all the new places opening but I totally forgot about this lively little spot until last week when Mr. T suggested we stop in for brunch.

I mean any meal that comes with a mini Philly Cheesesteak sandwich is a big yes in my book...

...not to mention a delicious martini made with mango and sage.  We were both so excited to be back we may have done a tad bit of over ordering.

Croque Monsieur "Satays" on a buttery brioche bun with country ham, gruyere and munster cheese.
That glorious mini cheesesteak and a mini Kobe Beef Burger.  Did I mention the cheesesteak was covered in a truffle and goat cheese fondue??? Oh yes it certainly was.

A tray of bite siz…