I was incredibly sad when the elegant Elan closed last year.  I spent so many Sunday's in their front window watching the bustle and buzz of Gramercy go passing by.  I prayed something wonderful would move into the space and something wonderful actually did! Scott Conant's new Italian restaurant Fusco.

We stopped in for dinner Saturday night and my old spot at the front window just happened to be open.  A smooth, silky bottle of Chianti to share and we were off for a fabulous night.

Thick crusty rolls served with freshly churned butter and a beautiful garlic broccoli rabe pesto to begin. This would have been enough carbs for most people but we just couldn't pass up an order of the Stromboli...

... layered with  squares of smoked mozzarella, salami and bright sprigs of rosemary.

Since we did so much carbo loading to start we decided to go light for the mid-course and split the Truffle Pea Cesar appetizer.

This was lovely- fresh peas topped with a truffle cream sauce, caviar and …

Breakfast Delivery- Creamline

Ugh Monday.  It's bad enough that it's cold and rainy outside but the lingering effects of too much wine during Cher's Billboard performance last night has made it so much worse. Seems like the appropriate day to stay under the covers, work from home and order in a delicious breakfast.

Creamline is my favorite new spot for a classic NYC breakfast sandwich.  All of their ingredients are sourced from nearby farms meaning everything is super fresh and all natural. I chose to stack these sandwiches this morning because why not¯\_(ツ)_/¯    If Cher can turn back time why can't I stack my breakfast sammies?

Each sandwich comes loaded with melted cheddar cheese, thick cut sausage or bacon and a perfectly fried egg on an English muffin.

The best part about Creamline breakfast- it's served the entire day!  So no matter what time the party lasted until the night before there will still be an incredible breakfast in the morning.  
Creamline 180 7th Avenue at 20th St. New York, NY 10…

Da Marino

2016 was Book of Mormon summer for Mr. T and I.  We were determined to win front row tickets during their daily lottery and showed up Tuesday- Friday for two months straight and NEVER WON. It was incredibly disappointing and we quit all together.   It wasn't until I found myself in Times Square for work last week that I decided to stop by again. This time as I was placing my lottery ticket into the barrel I suddenly felt a bolt of electricity.  Seriously if this had been a movie, magical beams of light, glitter and possibly even unicorns would have come shooting out from all sides.  I knew was going to win that day- and I did!

Of course with less than a two hour window between winning the ticket and showtime we had to scramble a little.  I called Mr. T immediately to tell him we finally won and to leave work immediately so we could grab dinner before the show. I started to think of places we like in the area; Danji, Sake Bar Hagi, Don Antonio, etc.  All great places but I was feel…

Negroni Sessions at Dante

My favorite happy hour in the city right now just happens to be inside my old favorite coffee shop Caffe Dante.  Mr. T and I used to come here years ago for their frothy cappuccinos and sweet Italian cookies.  The space has since been redone with much more emphasis on the food and drink menu and the addition of a long bar/table up front for extra seating. 

Happy Hour here isn't called "happy hour" it's called The Negroni Sessions because every drink on their list is some take on the classic Negroni.  There's the spring time Lavender Negroni and the pick-me-up Coffee Swizzle Negroni made with mezcal, cold brew and bitters.

There's the bright, citrus forward Negroni Frappe made with Junipero, Gran Lusso and orange juice...

...and of course even the Classic Negroni made with Bombay Sapphire, Campari and Maritni & Rossi Vermouth.

Unfortunately word on the Negroni Sessions is out because this place is always packed! However they take reservations so I highly sugge…

Mother's Day Rose's

Mother's Day is this Sunday which is always the perfect excuse to officially kick off Rose season. Soon the sun will be shining bright, people will start getting Hampton ready and that pretty pink drink will be in glasses everywhere.  With the liquor stores stocking so many roses this time of year finding the perfect one can be tough.  I could suggest you just join the masses and bring Whispering Angel to every party but why do that when there’s so many great local rose producers right here in New York.   Here are my picks for a few delicious, local summer suppers sure to please Mom:

Wolffer Estate- Summer in a Bottle
Nothing sends out summer vibes more than Wolffer Estate's Summer in a Bottle.  This incredible wine is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer giving it juicy, ripe flavors of peaches, pear and melon with a long elegant finish.  This wine is absolutely bursting with fruity goodness and the bottle design is sure to delight Mom.  This wine te…

Black Sesame Goodness at Patisserie Chanson

I've talked about the creamy eclairs and rhubarb studded custard from Patisserie Chanson but my favorite treat in the entire bakery is actually the Black Sesame Kouign Amann.

Golden, flaky strands of pastry brushed with butter and sugar than stuffed full of sweet, nutty black sesame seeds.  It makes a satisfying little crackle when it's pulled apart and exposes those speckled pockets of goodness inside.  I love black sesame so these are absolutely perfect for me.  However their Kouign's are also available in plain, gianduja and rhubarb & thyme jam.

Mornings are always delicious with Patisserie Chanson in the neighborhood.
Patisserie Chanson 20 West 23rd Street New York, NY 10010

Simple Sunday's at Balthazar

I absolutely love Sunday afternoons with nothing to do.  I suppose I could use the time to clean the apartment or run some errands but it's so much nicer to just go for a long walk instead and relax with a solo dinner at Balthazar.

Their incredible Steak Tartare chopped with capers, cornichons and anchovy then served with crispy slices of baguette and a lovely glass of Bordeaux.

This classic NYC restaurant is always lively and bustling.  Even when Mr. T and I had our somewhat secret court house wedding we got the very last table in the bar area at 10:30 on a Friday morning.  And we certainly weren't the only couple drinking a bottle of champagne at that early hour either.  It's just one of those magical spots that everyone seems to love.  Simple, delicious Sunday at its finest.
Balthazar 80 Spring Street New York, NY 10012