Friday, January 30, 2015

New Brew Friday- Founders CBS

It's always nice to see an old friend return...especially when that old friend is a big delicious Imperial Stout.  The good folks over at Founders decided to bring back their popular Canadian Breakfast Stout this year, a beer that's been gone since 2011.  This version is only available on draft and finding it around the city can be incredibly tough but it's so worth the energy.

CBS is brewed with a blend of coffees and imported chocolates then aged in bourbon barrels previously used for aging maple syrup.  The result is a big creamy stout with the incredible nose of maple, vanilla and chocolate and flavors of even more maple syrup, toasted marshmallow, bourbon and coffee.  It's a bit sweet, a bit boozy but incredibly drinkable and smooth even with the 10.6 ABV. I was nervous this new batch wouldn't hold up to my fond memories of CBS years ago but it completely hit the mark in every way.  Now if I could just find some more...Cheers!

Founders Brewing

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Brunch at GG's

Once again the space at 511 East 5th Street has changed hands.  What was once the incredible Seymour Burton then the amazing Goat Town has now become GG's....a neighborhood joint with a super chill brunch scene and a menu for just about anyone.  The Greens Salad is a zesty blend of baby head lettuce, nasturtium, fennel, sorrel and radish dressed in a light vinaigrette.

The burger is pan seared with melted white cheddar on top, thinly sliced pickles, onions and secret sauce. 

It sits on a soft potato bun perfect for ensuring each bite has ample bread coverage for soaking in all those pan seared juices. 

There are a variety of delicious cocktails right around the $9.00 mark like the crazy Green Mary made with kale, cucumber, tomatillo and jalapeno and a delicious False Spring made with Aperol, grapefruit and Blanc de Blanc.

We didn't get a chance to order their signature Grandma Pie at brunch but it's truly a fantastic pizza with small crunchy pepperoni's on top and a chunky sauce.   I would recommend this place for a gathering of friends, a visit from the parents or a casual date. GG's really has a little something for everyone.  

511 East 5th Street between A and B
New York, NY 10009

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snopocalypse 2015 Dinner at Gramercy Tavern

I was so excited yesterday to sit at Gramercy Tavern and watch the beautiful snowflakes fall outside while I nibbled on delicious food all warm and cozy with Mr. T.  That's actually what ended up happening except for the snow part.  As soon as we walked out the door the snow stopped and I was left to stare at the cold windy street outside instead of my winter wonderland.  I was pretty disappointed being that I absolutely love snow but the food and company was wonderful nonetheless.  Danny Meyer announced all of his restaurants would have no corkage fee during the storm so we grabbed a great bottle of wine and hunkered down for a fabulous meal.

To begin a plate of delicious Roasted Island Creek topped with bacon and pineapple...

...then onto Sea Bass with cauliflower, quinoa and candied hazelnuts for me...

...and a Kuri Squash Chowder with Striped Bass, Mussels and Turnip for Mr. T.  Both were incredible.  I loved the creamy quinoa base of the sea bass and simple but perfect roasted cauliflower florets.  Big thanks to the Gramercy Tavern crew for staying open and serving up some wonderful food last night.

Gramercy Tavern
42 East 20th Street
New York, NY 10003

Monday, January 26, 2015

Buffalo- Oshun Oyster Bar

I only had time to fit in one new place when I was home for the holidays so I chose Oshun, the brand restaurant originally built in 1946 as the Waldorf Astoria luncheon counter.  The space was quite stunning with large frescos on the walls up front and a long oyster bar in back filled with fresh seafood.

The lunch menu is composed of small plates with a choice of two for $10.95 and a variety of snacks and sides like these insanely rich and buttery Parker House Rolls studded with big hunks of sea salt...

...and a bowl of marinated olives perfect for nibbling over a glass of wine.

I chose the Buffalo Clam Chowder and classic Fish and Chips as my entree.  The Chowder had three ingredients listed on the menu- bacon, cream and Franks Hot Sauce.  I'll admit this isn't something I would normally order but I found the spicy, creamy combination to be strangely satisfying...delicious even!  My parents did not agree and began concocting strange soup variations by adding different food and drink items from their plate until it finally met edible standards.  They are always such a treat to dine with :)

The Fish and Chips were incredible. The outer shell was ultra crisp with little to no grease and a huge tender piece of cod inside with a bright malt vinegar aioli.

Dessert was simple but perfect...Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookies topped with pretzel fresh from the oven.  Who could resist that?

5 East Huron Street
Buffalo, NY 14203

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Empellon Al Pastor

I was absolutely stunned when Alex Stupak left his incredible dessert resume behind at WD 50 and dove into the world of tacos. Now over four years later I really can't imagine this town without his heart stopping Mexican dishes like the Melted Tetilla Cheese with Lobster Tomate Frito at Empellon Cocina and Beef Tartare tacos at Empellon Taqueria.  I just had to stop by for a quick look at his newest venture Empellon Al Pastor.

The namesake taco comes on a thin corn tortilla filled with chili rubbed spit roasted pork and a solitary slice of pineapple.  It's saucy and hot; perfect for a quick bite on the run and exceptional with a crisp cold beer.  The usual suspects Tecate and Negra Modelo are on the list alongside beers from Thirsty Dog, Central Waters and Local Option.

They also have a full page of margarita's to choose from including a Spicy Cucumber and Mezcal making this the perfect destination for just about anyone.

132 Saint Marks Place
New York, NY 10009