Friday, May 29, 2015

New Brew Friday- Other Half Hop Showers

Taking a quick break from the Memorial Weekend recap for a New Brew Friday!  This time we're back at Other Half for their newest can release Hop Showers.

This American IPA pours a hazy, murky orange with a nice frothy head.  The aroma is sweet citrus with orange, tangerine and honey while the flavor is more big, juicy citrus fruits and dank pine with a creamy, slightly chewy mouthfeel and a bitter hop finish.  It's yet another solid offering from Brooklyn based Other Half.  They also just debuted some new glassware yesterday that looks exactly like my Prairie glass above but with the Hop Showers logo on front.  Looks like I'll be swinging by the brewery again tonight- Cheers!

Other Half Brewing
195 Centre Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Extravaganze Part II- Upstate Oyster Bar & Huertas

After our Brooklyn crawl we landed in the East Village hungry for some fresh seafood at one of our favorite places Upstate Oyster Bar.  As usual with such a popular and tiny space we had to wait about an hour for a table.  Luckily they take your name and send a text when it's ready so it's really just a little extra free time to walk around or grab a drink or two nearby.  

The menu changes daily but I highly suggest starting out with a big round of fresh oysters and one of the specials of the day.  On my visit the Scallops with Mushroom Risotto were absolute perfection. Big and crispy outside with that hearty rich pasta...yum.

Mr. T ordered his usual seafood go-to the Bouillabaisse chock full of fresh lobster, fish, shrimp and crab meat.  The meal at Upsate always ends with a free slice of lemon pound cake which is just delightful but I had bigger plans for my dessert :)

We recently celebrated my friends birthday at nearby Spanish restaurant Huertas (review to come soon) and I absolutely fell in love with their Churros.  It's so hard to find any with the right balance of soft chewy middle and crisp sugar exterior but Huertas has it all going on.

And they just happen to serve an incredible Marcona Almond Ice Cream. I seriously need to move closer to this place...

Upstate NYC
95 First Avenue @6th Street
New York, NY 10003

107 First Avenue @7th Street
New York, NY 10003

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza Part I- Berg'n, King Thai & Hops Hill

Okay well it wasn't exactly an extravaganza but Mr. T and I had a great weekend just chilling with some friends and doing a little tour of some new spots and a couple old favorites. First up and brand new to both of us was Berg'n the Smorgasburg/Brooklyn Flea beer hall out in Crown Heights.  This sprawling space hosts four different Smorgasburg vendors including Mighty Quinns, Asiadog, Samesa and the famous Ramen Burger.  There were actually about six different styles of Ramen burger listed on the menu but we just stuck to the Original with beef, arugula, scallions and secret shoyu sauce.

This burger certainly looked awesome...the ramen noodles held together surprisingly well and maintained intact even while devouring the juicy patty but I just couldn't get over the salty sauce.  I've honestly never loved homemade ramen, this was definitely much more Mr. T's thing than mine, but it was just serious MSG overload for me.  I am happy to say however that I was literally the only person in line for this sandwich so instead of waiting hours for something I didn't like at Smorgasburg I only had to wait approximately 4 minutes :)

I also didn't have to wait for the Spicy Wings at Mighty Quinn's but unfortunately neither of us enjoyed the rubbery texture and heavy cilantro sauce.

What we did love however were the Short Rib Sliders. Mighty Quinn's had the perfect balance of spicy and sweet sauce on these buns and rich meaty filling.

After watching the Yankees lose terribly on the big screen inside we moved out into the sun and sipped a few local beers from Other Half and Greenpoint on the patio before heading to the second stop on our Brooklyn crawl King Thai Bar.

This cute little bar features 1940's Miami beach decor complete with seashells on the wall and delicious cocktails like the classic Pina Colada and new age Thai Tea with Anejo Rum, black tea, passionfruit and a dark rum float.  King Thai also has a short list of beers all in the range of $3.00- $5.00 dollars...a complete breath of fresh air compared to the insane beer prices we usually see in the city.

After King Thai we toured around a bit more stopping at Covenhoven and Hops Hills before heading back into Manhattan for dinner and dessert at two of my favorite places!

899 Bergen Street @Franklin
Brooklyn, NY 11238

1089 Bergen Street @Nostrand
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Hour at City Crab

Our neighborhood is brimming with various kinds of happy hour every day, but the longest running happy hour (and most crowded) in the hood is at City Crab where everything on the bar menu is half off.  This includes wine, beer and specialty cocktails like the Maryland Martini made with two kinds of Coconut Rum and a small menu of appetizers.

I highly suggest the Buffalo Shrimp served extra crisp with a buttery spicy sauce or the Lil' Lobster rolls served on mini potato buns.

Don't expect rolls on the lobster level of Pearl or Mary's but they're a tasty, quick snack perfect for nibbling on with a delicious cocktail or two.  

City Crab
235 Park Avenue South at 19th Street
New York, NY 10003

Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Finally three full day off in a row!  Time for everyone to go to the Hampton's and leave the city free and clear for the rest of us to relax and hang out in the sun.  Of course there's nothing better than enjoying the rays with a big frothy cocktail in hand like this one from the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club.

Its called the Mr. Shuffles Orange Buggy Whip- a delicious combination of Rum, Coconut Milk and Orange Juice perfect for setting the weekend mode to tropical.  Cheers!

Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club
514 Union Street @Nevins
Brooklyn, NY 11215