The NoMad

Opening night at the NoMad I showed up a little early to scope out the space and have a drink at the bar.  First of all the bar area is downright gorgeous.  Plushy seats, a nice long manly bar top and an exquisite drink list- I foresee many nights in my future here that's for sure.

I started with the Lady Johnston- Nicaraguan Rum, Chambrey Dry Vermouth, Velvet Falernum, Lemon and Basil.  The cocktail was superb but my bar snack of Sweetbreads Croustillant with Parsley was even better.

This is a holdover I remember from Eleven Madison but somehow they tasted even better here.  Rich creamy sweetbreads inside a salty, crunchy crepe- this may be the best $9 I've spent in 2012!  After the snacks we were seated at our table and started out with the Fruits De Mer.  Mr. T wasn't happy with my choice since he expected a boring old platter.  But then he saw the top tier...

And the bottom tier...

Let's break it down one by one.  Scallop ceviche with yuzu, jalepeno and pistchio.

Sea Urchin Panna Cotta with green apple.

Hamachi with horseradish and lemon.

Beau Soleil Oyster with frozen migonette snow.

King Crab with avocado mousse.

Lobster with lemon and chili aioli.

This was such a breath of fresh air!  Each item was phenomenal with the King Crab and Oysters being my favorite.  Onto the complimentary bread.

Toasty warm olive oil flatbread studded with onions and sliced potatoes.  Just like the Fruits de Mer it was such an exciting and refreshing change from the boring old basket- and a delicious one at that!   For our main we ordered the Whole Roasted Chicken for two with Foie Gras, Black Truffle and Brioche.

They presented the whole chicken to us first then plated it in the back.  I have to be completely honest- this might be the best chicken I've had in my life.  Look at the incredibly moist innards and crispy skin.

There was something almost addictive about the black truffle sauce and foie gras. However I wasn't a huge fan of the dark meat in gravy.

But that's why I married someone with different tastes than me.  Mr. T devoured the small bowl and said it tasted like Thanksgiving.  Hmmm...chicken vs turkey... but I got it with the gravy.  Some comfort food at it's best.  I had prepared myself to eat somewhat like a lady but I polished off my whole damn plate.  Most people might forgo dessert at this point but I was raised to never say no to sweets.  So onto the Milk and Honey finale.

I don't know if words can possibly do justice to this dish.  It's another hold over from Eleven Madison and apparently Humm said he would never open a place without these flavor combinations on dessert list.  Ice cream, dehydrated milk, brittle, shortbread...don't ask just try.  It was exquisite.

So that's my first meal at NoMad.  Besides a little lag with our drink orders the service was pretty much perfect.  My only disappointment of the night was that the Brooklyn Brewery "Nomad le Poulet", a beer made specifically for the NoMad to pair with the chicken, had not yet arrived to the restaurant.  I silently cursed Garrett Oliver but it's also an excuse to come back again soon.

However I'm not sure I need an excuse.  When a place is absolutely beautiful but comfortable and the food is inventive and delicious, I'm not sure how many other excuses you need.  Daniel Humm has another winner on his hands that's for sure.

The NoMad