We celebrated Mrs. T’s birthday with a stroll on the Highline and a little food over at Cookshop.  To begin the Chelsea Mary.

Not much different than your regular Bloody Mary this one used vodka, lemon juice, worcestershire, fresh horseradish and Tabasco sauce.  The fresh horseradish was excellent and helped clear up my sinuses a little bit.  For a little appetizer how about some light and fluffy Beignets.

These little guys were filled with fresh ricotta cheese from DiPalo’s which simply oozed out of the middle.

Onto entrees the classic Huevos Rancheros.

This dish was absolutely enormous and so incredibly hot I almost burned my face off. Three baked eggs, black beans, ranchero sauce, Monterrey jack cheese and a lime crème fraiche topped with crispy tortilla strips. This was an excellent version of the classic dish although the amount of beans was a little bit more than needed I would happily order this again. Dessert time with a Sticky Toffee Pudding and Baked Alaska.

The warm cake was topped with a tart lemon sauce and a scoop of balsamic ice cram. This was a good rendition but the one from North End Grill the week prior still was one of the best. The Smores Baked Alaska was made with frozen chocolate mousse, fudge cake, graham crumble and bruleed meringue.

Overall I thought the food at Cookshop was fantastic but be prepared for quite a scene. We had to wait 15 minutes to be seated past our reservation and the front area was so packed we had to wait outside. It is certainly a see and be seen but for good reason for the quality of food.