My Dirty Obsession

I have a secret...a secret dirty sandwich obsession that has been taking over my life the past six months- The Dirty Bird.

Insanely moist and flavorful pulled chicken topped with big slabs of crisp bacon, Pepper Jack Cheese and some enormous onion rings. What’s not to love about this sandwich! It’s got all the textural elements I love and a ton of big bold flavors. It usually comes with a side of vinegar chips but I figured the bacon and rings were enough of a splurge last time so I subbed in a mixed greens salad instead.

But I did need a little more badness…the serious delicious Multijito made with Montecristo and House made Citrus. I loved that the mint was on top and not all mashed inside and the citrus flavors are seriously refreshing.
I’ve eaten this sandwich way too many times to mention in the last couple of months and it never fails to disappoint. I love that Wildwood always has the games on as well, usually with sound, and everyone working there is super nice. What a great place to have a secret obsession!


We're not going to lie, this sounds delicious! In most cases, anything with bacon on it is a winner. The Multijito also sounds like the perfect refreshing drink for the summer. Too often, summer drinks are overly sweet and that excess sugar kills anything refreshing about the cocktail. Citrus is always a good option!