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Best NYC Tastes of 2018

2018 is officially over and what a crazy, wild ride it was from start to finish.  The year kicked off with a bang as my Buffalo Bills finally made it into the playoffs for the first time since 1999.  I was so happy I cried tears of joy every single day leading up to the playoff game.  Of course they lost that Sunday, but I wouldn't give up that fabulous week of bliss for the world.  

Mr. T and I finally got out to St. Louis to check out Side Project Brewery.   This place was honestly one of the best breweries we've ever visited.  The list was loaded with some of their rarest bottles, the staff were incredibly knowledgeable and the space was so clean and comfortable I just wanted to spend the entire weekend relaxing in the tap room. Of course we also made a few fun beer trips to Vermont, along with a new beercation to Miami for Wakefest  and of course there was our amazing European vacation to Paris, Bordeaux and Brussels where we finally had a chance to visitIn De Verzekering t…