Hudson Valley RW at X2O

I took the short train ride up to Yonkers last week to meet my friend and have a nice RW dinner.  X2O is right on the Hudson River and the large windows along the building sides make for an absolutely lovely setting at sunset.  To begin I started with a special Spicy Tuna Roll.

I was happy this was the special since the RW roll was tempura and I really wasn’t feeling fried food.  The roll was great.  The fish was obviously very fresh, the avocado was perfectly ripe and although it was a tad oversized I really enjoyed it.  My friend ordered the Roasted Fennel Soup with Crispy Sage and Pumpkin Seed Oil.

I personally HATE the bitter taste of fennel so I was excited to see if roasting would mellow that out.You know what- it completely did and added a subtle sweetness that was wonderful! I may be trying to make this at home it was so good. For entrée I had the Honey and Sake Marinated Chatham Cod with Fregola Sardi, Apples and Wilted Arugula.

This fish was excellent!  The sake and honey marinade made the fish really moist and gave it a little sweet and salty flavor.  The fregola was excellent as well.  I am not a lover of pasta but fregola has this great nutty flavor and creamy texture that is so incredibly delicious and homey.  I absolutely loved this dish.

My friends Whole Roasted New York Sirloin was pretty good.  It was certainly cooked well but it lacked a little flavor.  I think it could have used just a little extra seasoning.  For dessert my Warm Banana & Walnut Bread Pudding had quite a dramatic flair.

I loved the long dried bananna chip on top and what’s better than rum glazed bananas and maple pecan ice cream?  Nothing at all.

The Hudson Valley Apple and Cranberry Cobbler was delicious as well but the homemade cinnamon ice cream really stole the show.  It was perfectly spiced and creamy.

The meal ended with two little coconut macrons.  For all of this food with a wonderful bottle of Sauvignon Blanc it was right around $60 each.  That’s a great deal for such wonderful food, drink and the gorgeous setting.  The service was a tad on the slow side but the complementary peanut brittle on the way out made up for that in my book.  What a little salty peanut can do.