A Little Lunch at Blue Smoke

Sometimes you just need some meaty goodness at Blue Smoke.  Mr. T and I started out with an order of deviled eggs.

These are some of the best in the city with an ultra-creamy center and a spicy kick on the end.   Next up the Creekstone Farms Texas Beef Brisket.

I was a little worried ordering the lean rather than marbled but this was done just right. It was still juicy with a ton of flavor without the sopping pieces of fat. The mashed potatoes are and crispy onions just sealed the deal for Mr. T.

The Pulled Pork Sandwich was good with lots of pork and a squishy bun.   However I have to say I’ve enjoyed the last few I’ve had at RUB and Wildwood better.  Both have a bit more sauce and coleslaw that blow this out of the water.  We added on a side of beans and came home with a ton of leftovers.  Between the two of us we didn’t come anywhere near to finishing which was just fine. What’s more perfect for a little late night snack than some leftover cue on the weekend!