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Sugar Overload at Doughnut Plant

I woke up Saturday morning and had one thought in my mind- Doughnuts!! Seriously I think I must have been dreaming about them because my craving was beyond ridiculous. I was going to try and ignore the craving but then I heard the news that my Grandmother passed away. I was feeling pretty down and decided that a good long walk and a sugary treat was maybe just what I needed.

So I took a long walk from my apartment all the way down to Doughnut Plant in the Lower East Side. It was a beautiful day outside and with the sun on my back and crisp air in my face I felt about a hundred times better. It’s amazing what a good walk can do for your soul!

Anyway I got to Doughnut Plant and the line was out the door. Luckily they move pretty quick here and it only took about 20 minutes for me to reach the front. I had one doughnut in mind to order but the same thing ended up happening to me that always happens to me at Doughnut Plant…I go Doughnut Insane. The next thing I know I’m ordering everything …

This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef

We checked out the Artichoke guys newest shop this past weekend- This Little Piggy. I’ll admit, when it comes to Roast beef sandwiches the bar is set pretty high. Growing up in Buffalo you get a real appreciation to all thing beef- especially the quintessential Western New York favorite Beef on Weck.

However I know there’s no weck in this city so regular roast beef sandwiches have to fill the void. This Little piggy makes two kinds of sandwiches called This Way and That Way. This Way is Roast Beef with Cheez Whiz and au jus. That way is Roast Beef with fresh mozzarella and gravy. Neither of us were in a gravy mood so we went for That Way.

Upon opening up this large sandwich it was evident that they used a lot of us jus…I mean a lot! The bottom of the roll was so soaked through it proved to be no match for the weight of the beef and completely fell apart. This might upset some people but I love au jus so it was just fine with me.

Unfortunately the meat itself wasn’t great. The beef was ov…

Asher's Potato Chips

In addition to Mr. T’s regular Valentines Day present I picked him up a bag of Chocolate Covered potato Chips. I figured everyone needs something sweet on Valentines Day so why not try something different. This is a bag of Asher's Chocolate Covered Chips that I picked up at Macy’s.

I was pretty excited about the prospect of having salty, sweet and crunchy all together in one package. Unfortunately it didn’t quite live up to the expectations I had for these sweets going in.

The potato chips were huge first of all- which I wasn’t really expecting and they were covered in a thick layer of chocolate that out layered the chip itself about

The chocolate itself was seriously rich and unfortunately it just too much for the perfect salty, sweet, crunchy combo I was looking for. I couldn’t really get a good salty chip taste. However the more I ate, the closer I got to the chocolate potato chip perfection I was looking for. I realized that the curled chips had less chocolate and th…

New Brew Friday- Brooklyn Brewery Cookie Jar Porter

After our wonderful brunch at Perilla Sunday we walked around the block to our favorite beer bar- The Blind Tiger. As usual they had a bunch of beers we’ve never tried before- the first of which was Brooklyn Brewery’s newest release the Cookie Jar Porter.

This beer is insanely dark in color, almost black and pours with no head at all. The smell was strong like toffee and cider.  At first I tasted a mix of Kaluha and coffee but then it mellowed out on the end and was almost chewy with a hint of raisins and chocolate. Once again Brooklyn Brewery has created something completely original and very tasty. I don’t think I could drink more than one of these beers since it’s quite sweet but I’d love to pair it with some Snicker Doodles or Oatmeal Cookies for dessert.  Another stand out beer we enjoyed that afternoon was a bottle of Sophie from Goose Island.

Goose Island has long been one of my favorite breweries and this beer was delightful. It poured a light gold with a pretty thick head…

Valentine's Day Brunch at Perilla

Valentines Day fell on a Sunday this year and although Mr. T and I usually stay home on this stupid holiday we decided to go out and enjoy a meal. I knew places would be crazy for dinner but I assumed brunch would be somewhat subdued. When Harold Dieterle opened his NYC restaurant after Top Chef it was on the top of my list to try. Somehow I just never got around to it. So this past Sunday, Valentines Day, it finally seemed like the right time. I got a reservation for brunch at 1:15 and the restaurant was certainly doing a good business. All of the tables were full and most of the bar seats were filled as well. I’m not sure if it was Valentines Day or if this place is just always packed for brunch.

Since this was kind of a holiday I decided to celebrate a little with a glass of Cava Rose and Mr. T tried out the Harpoon Levitation IPA.

They started us off with some wonderful little cranberry muffins. I’m not sure what they did to the cranberries but they tasted like candy. It …

HB Burger

After a wonderful Friday night out with our newly married friends, I awoke to a cold and gray Saturday. It was one of those days when you look outside you just don’t feel like doing anything. It had already been quite a crazy week for us with the snow storm on Wednesday. I ended up having the day off and spent it enjoying some beers and watching the snow fall outside McSorleys. Needless to say my midweek drinking binge and a night out with friends before had completely zapped me of energy. We decided to cancel our usual weekend events of errands and went to a movie instead.

We trekked up to Times Square and saw Avatar at Empire 25. I had low expectations for the movie and ended up really enjoying it. It was the perfect way for us to relax for a few hours.

Since we were already in the area, we stopped over at one of my favorite bars in the world Jimmy’s Corner for a drink and some jazz music. I had been craving a burger all day and when I realized we were only one block away from HB burg…

Valentines Day Treats from Black Hound Bakery

On our way back from our "psych up the Saints" Louisiana style brunch at Acme we were feeling something a little sweet. We had another hour or two before the Superbowl was going to start so we decided to walk home and stop by Black Hound bakery. They had their regular line of cakes in the window as well as some special ones just for Valentines day. We decided to buy two- Valentine Busy Bee Cake and the regular Almond Apricot.

The Busy Bee cake is one of their most popular items. It has three layers of chocolate cake, two layers of almond cake, two layers of chocolate mousse and a layer of marzipan. I probably wouldn't have ordered this cake on my own because of the marzipan but it really wasn't too bad. The marzipan was mostly on the bottom so I just avoided it and enjoyed the deep chocolaty deliciousness of the rest of the cake. Yum!

The Almond Apricot cake was wonderful as well but it too had marzipan! The cake itself was an almond marzipan cake! I can't believe …

Sahadi's in Brooklyn Heights

I consider myself very lucky to have such an awesome specialty food store like Kalystuyans in my neighborhood. Maybe too lucky. I’ve been working in Brooklyn Heights for almost 5 years now and just yesterday I stopped inside of Sahadi’s.

Sahadi’s is a specialty shop that focuses on ingredients from the Far and Middle East. I couldn’t believe how much great stuff they had inside. Up front there was a bulk section with every kind of nut and seed imaginable, to the side there was an insane variety of cheeses and in the back there were more kinds of pate than I had ever seen in my life.

Look at all this crazy stuff.

After walking around the store for a while I noticed that a little further back, they also had a little kitchen selling different kinds of sandwiches and middle eastern salads. I was starving so I decided to order the Kafta Sandwich for lunch.

After waiting for about 5 minutes the woman behind the counter handed me my sandwich. It weighed a ton and only cost me $3.50 ?? Tha…

The New Domino's

I spent this weekend in Snowmaggedon. That’s right- Snowmaggedon. That’s the term they’re using for the insane blizzard that hit from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. This was the weekend we chose to move my friend out of her Pennsylvania home back to Buffalo. Not exactly the best choice you might say.

We had so little time to get everything done there was no stopping for a sit down dinner and the only place that delivered was Domino’s. What a great excuse to try out their new recipe.

We ordered a regular cheese pie and the first thing I noticed upon opening the box was how thick it looked. I like my pizza thin and crispy and this was super doughy. Not a good texture at all. We all dug in and everyone noticed how spicy the sauce was- like a marinara. After having a few more bites we all came to the same conclusion- this tasted exactly like breadsticks and sauce from Pizza Hut. Seriously. I think it may be the same exact recipe. I got no food satisfaction from this pizza at all.…

Sundaes at Chikalicious Dessert Club

It was a freezing cold Wednesday night but for some reason I was seriously craving an ice cream sundae. Where to get a sundae that won’t completely chill my bones but satisfy my needs? Chikalicious Dessert Club of course.

I love Chikalicious. The main Dessert Bar is great for a luxurious dessert experience, but when you need your sweet fix quick, the shop across the street is the way to go. They have everything- caramel and smores cupcakes, green tea grand mariner cake, chocolate eclairs, vanilla custard and most importantly for me sundaes.  I decided to order the Espresso Ice Sundae.

First off, Chiklicious vanilla soft serve is awesome. I don’t know what they do but it’s really natural tasting and not super sweet. It’s possibly the best soft serve in the city. Then they top that with pearls of chocolate and a shot of decaf espresso. This is the perfect sundae to get on a chilly winter night. The espresso warms up your tummy while the ice cream and pearls satisfy the sweet too…

The Signature Dish at John Michael's

Mr. T’s parents took us out to a wonderful dinner last week right before our trip to Mexico. We traveled up into his hometown and to the wonderful, comfy and quaint John Michael’s restaurant located in North Salem. The restaurant is absolutely beautiful with gorgeous stone walls at the entrance, polished wooden floors and more fireplaces than the eyes can see! We got seated right in front of the main fireplace and it was just lovely feeling the warmth of the flames on such a chilly winter day.

Now I’m only going to report on one dish basically because I was actually quite under the weather with a cold and didn’t feel like taking pictures or trying people’s dishes. However, even through my sickness, this appetizer was so good it would be criminal not to share with the rest of the world.

John Michael’s Signature Foiejitas.

So just what are foiejitas? Basically Hudson Valley Foie Gras with marinated red pepper and candied shallots inside a nutmeg crepe. Oh my goodness what a signature dish.…

Restaurant Week at Mesa Grill

I planned a vacation day Monday to recover from our trip and get in one last restaurant week meal. I had made reservations for Convivo weeks before, but upon waking up Monday morning I just didn’t feel like going. The thought of a fancy, formal restaurant just didn’t appeal to my state of mind. I wanted something fun and casual where I could just relax. So I looked online and swapped my Convivo reservation for Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. I’d been to Mesa Grill once before for brunch and while I enjoyed it, it certainly didn’t blow me away. However their RW lunch menu online really good so I decided to give it a shot.

The main dining room was almost completely full when I entered around 12:30 and the bar filled up within minutes of my being seated. Maybe since the restaurant got full so quickly the poor bartender was slammed. It took a good 10 minutes to get a menu and another 10 minutes to finally place my food order. Luckily my appetizer came out within seconds of ordering- …

Back from Mexico!!!!

Mr. T and I just returned from a wonderful, albeit quick, trip to Mexico yesterday. Both of us are absolutely exhausted but had such a fun time. We had more Pacificos and Miami Vices than one should probably consume in a lifetime and lots of tasty food.

This is actually some fish tacos we got before we were actually in Mexico at the Houston airport. They were surprisingly tasty. Nothing as good as we had in the actual vacation spot but good none the less.

The highlight of our food this trip was the awesome fried ice cream at our resort. Luckily we will be going back exactly one year and 22 days from today for our wedding (that will be the only time I count the days again...promise)

Yes we signed our contract and everything is a go for our destination wedding. Well actually nothing is done yet but at least we booked the hotel! Now we need to get our butts in gear and get all the planning done. Mexico we're coming!