Day Two in Philly- Let's Talk Between the Bread

Day two in Philly I really got after it. I woke up and went first to Reading Terminal where I walked around and stopped at the counter for a pork sandwich with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe at DiNic’s.

I thought it was a tasty sandwich- one I would order again especially with that cheese but I don’t really get all the hype.  It was just as good as Defonte's in my book.  After satisfying my sweet tooth with a Heath Bar Crunch cookie from Flying Monkey it was onto Good Dog Bar to meet friends for lunch.

The classic Good Dog Burger was delicious- a hefty patty with lots gorgonzola oozing out. I also liked the combo of sweet potato and regular fries- that was a nice touch.

Unfortunately the cheese steak empanadas weren’t very good. The chocolate stout sauce was terrible with the beef and there just wasn’t enough filling to make the empanadas stand out. After lunch my friends went back to the flower show and I set off on my own down to Pat’s and Geno’s- I just didn’t feel right about leaving Philly without trying each one.

My first stop was Pat’s where I ordered a sandwich without onions and with whiz. Man I can’t tell you how disappointing this sandwich was. The meat had that funky taste like it had been sitting on the griddle for days and the bread was even a little dried out.

Over to Geno’s- just by looking at my cheesesteak I could tell it was better. The roll looked fresh and the meat was actually dripping a bit of sauce. There was a lot more flavor and it clearly wins between the two. However I’ve had much better cheesesteak’s from Philly transports in NYC like Shorty’s, 99 Miles to Philly and Carl’s.

After a long walk back exploring Chinatown and the surrounding area (I found a Teuscher's Chocolates inside a mall) it was time for a beer at McGillain’s followed by dinner at Barbuzzo. 

Tommy DiNic's
The Flying Monkey
Good Dog Bar
Geno's Steaks
Pat's King of Steaks