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Restaurant Week at Park Avenue Summer

Restaurant Week is upon us once again and this year we kicked it off at Park Avenue Summer, the gorgeous NoMad spot known for it's fantastic RW options and seasonal decor.   Even knowing this was such a popular place we forgot to make a lunch reservation and were relegated to dining at the bar; which was a fine excuse to indulge in one of their delightful cocktails the Papa's Pineapple Sumaquiri made with Bacarid Ocho and sumac. Their signature cornbread arrived first, piping hot and served with spicy jalapeno butter.  I usually try not to fill up on bread but these were too delicious to resist.  1st Course~Tuna Tartare with champagne mango and avocado; a classic preparation of light, cooling ingredients perfect for these soaring temperatures. 2nd Course~ Green Circle Chicken with roasted summer squash and grilled lemon.  I honestly forgot grilled lemon was listed as an ingredient, so my first bite of that sharp citrus fruit hidden underneath the chicken was