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Fried Chicken Goodness at Bobwhite Counter

Tucked away over on Avenue C and 6th- Bobwhite’s is something you could easily walk right past.But if you’re a southern food lover you should immediately make the stop.

The fried chicken is made to order and arrives at your table piping hot and insanely crispy.

Can you see the crispiness in this picture- well you’ll just have to take my word for it.

They have honey on the counter if you want to sweeten it up a bit and the side salad is a nice somewhat healthy addition to the plate.  The biscuit to me was only so so- Mr. T enjoyed it.  I guess I’m picky when it comes to biscuits.

The tiny space has a small but well thought out beer and wine list including our favorites Captain Lawrence and Founders, plus some sweet tea.This is a great little place not to miss if you’re over in AlphabetCity.

Bobwhite Counter

The New Plaza Food Hall

There's a new food hall in town and Todd English has got some serious competition right next door now.  The first place I saw walking in was one of my all time favorites- Lady M.

Of course they had the signature Crepe Cake as well as an enticing Banana Millefeuille.

I pulled my drooling face away from there to check out some of the other food options like Luke’s Lobster.

Chocolates from Maison du Chocolat.

No 7 Sub had a nice big station along with Tartinery.  I finally settled on Sushi or Gari’s spot where they had mini serving cups filed with various items.

I decided to try out their special that day the Tuna, Avocado and Tarter Sauce Pressed sushi.

As you can see the amount of rice is overwhelming.It was impossible to pick up and eat and I definitely struggled trying to do so.However the flavors were awesome.Incredibly fresh tuna and avocado with various sauces on top.Even with all the rice I look forward to coming back once they’ve ironed the kinks out.

I was craving something sweet …

A Little Bit of Vezzo

We love Vezzo- it’s one of our go-to pizza delivery places but dining there can be a real treat as well.What’s better than sitting in the sun outside with a nice cold beverage.

Then enjoying some personal pies like the Meat Lovers with both Sweet and Hot Italian Sausage.

Formaggio Bianco with mozzarella, grana padano, pecorino, ricotta, béchamel and nice flurry of arugula.

The delicious super thin crust pizzas and laid back outdoor tables make for an affordable and relaxing date night.


Mad. Squ. Eats 2012

There's no better way to celebrate today than enjoying some tasty eats and drinks outside- NYC style at Madison Square Eats.

Perhaps you're feeling like a little BBQ- we got some pulled chicken and spicy Brisket sliders from Mexicue.

Or how about some wood fired pizzas from Robertas- the Bee Sting with honey and chili oil is a good start.

The Speckenwolf is even better with mushrooms, onions, oregano and speck.

Or the insanely delicious Smoked Beef Brisket sandwich from Mile End my current favorite obsession.

You really can't go wrong with any of them but get them soon.  All this wonderful food goes away on Friday!

Madison Square Park

Happy Hour at Millesime

After a long hard week of work it’s nice to sit down and relax over a glass of wine and some big, briny oysters.

Millesime has one of the best deals in town for this.Monday-Friday from 5:30- 8:00 they have $1 oysters and drink specials.

Last week I had a bright, crisp Sauvignon Blanc with my Bluepoints and nibbled away on some bread with red wine shallot butter.  Half an hour later I was completely relaxed and ready to curl up on the couch back home with a good movie.Maybe I’m getting old but this was a perfect little Friday night fix.

Googa Mooga

This past weekend the Great Googa Mooga festival out in Prospect Park promised food, drink and music in the sun.It didn’t completely live up to its promises but we still had a good time.First let’s check out some of the food.

Dumont Burger- Sliders

Red Rooster- Berbere Roasted Chicken with Barbecue Sauce, Mac & Greens, Cornbread.

Craft- Dirty Duck Dog with Cabbage slaw and garlic sauce.

Colicchio & Sons- Spit-charred Pork Belly Tacos

M. Wells- Bologna & Foie Gras Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Brindle Room- Steakhouse Burger

Spotted Pig- Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort and Shoestrings

Do or Dine- Foie Gras Doughnuts

I have to say my favorite item of the day was the Brindle Room Burger.It was cooked perfect with salty charred top and moist ground meat middle.

Brindle Room has been on my list for a long time now and after the burger bite it’s moved up even more.Besides food there was a ton of beer.

Unfortunately the Credit Cards you needed to purchase the beer didn’t work so it wasn’t u…

L&B Spumoni Gardens

I just so happened to be out in Gravesend Brooklyn for work the other day and my first thought was L&B.As soon as lunchtime hit I wandered over to the enormous outdoor garden.

Although it wasn’t exactly warm people were already beginning to fill in the outdoor tables.I ordered myself a square slice and settled in.

This slice has dough on the bottom, mozzarella directly on top of that, then covered in sauce and a hefty sprinkle of parmigiana.My first bite I was a little skeptical- it seemed so big and doughy I would never be able to finish it….Yeah right.  Halfway through I suddenly realized I was in heaven.This pizza wasn’t heavy- it was almost insanely light for a Sicilian.The bottom crust had a fantastic buttery crunch, the tomato sauce was thick and rich- everything about this pizza just came together.

In a city where expensive gourmet pizza is everywhere it was a refreshing and delicious change of pace.For $2.25 I was incredibly satisfied and so pleased I contemplated orderin…

V Bar St. Mark's

Always on the look out for a comfy bar to curl up in- V Bar in the EastVillage looked promising.

 We stopped by the other day and I ordered a nice crisp Sauvignon Blanc for myself and a Lagunitas IPA for Mr. T.

Since drinks are always more fun with snacks we split the Lobster Pancetta sliders which were absolutely huge- more sandwich than slider actually.

An order of crispy pigs in a blanket.

And a zesty Beef Carpaccio Salad.
The lobster salad had a bit too many onions inside but otherwise was quite delicious. And for $10 quite an affordable and filling option at that.  Plus it was happy hour- which meant 1/2 price on drinks!  That kind of savings meant I had to have another!  I ended with a delicious NY state Cab Franc as a warm breeze streamed in through the open windows of the cozy quarters. V- Bar’s quite a nice little happy hour stop.

VBar St Marks

Brooklyn Day at The Manhattan Cocktails Classic

Monday afternoon I was back at the Andaz for more delicious drinks as the Cocktail Classic continued on...

It started with a long refereshing Grapefruit and Lillet drink perfect for the daytime... or was it morning?

The Brooklen doughnuts were still being enjoyed well into the afternoon

Sorel presented Jack from Brooklyn Day and one of their signature cocktails was the Columbia & Congress.

Created by the Jakewalk bartender out in Brooklyn this was a lively cocktail made from White Rum, Sorel, lime juice and simple syrup.  BTW Sorel is awesome- go get some.  Then the food really started to flow with Red Hook Lobster Pound in the house.

The hot griddled rolls were chock full of fresh lobster, scallions and a bit of mayo.  Talk about a great lunch break. Then it was over to the Tanquery Bartender Evaluation where the aweomse Gary Regan took a whirl.

I could have stayed at the challenge all day but wanted to check out one of the Alcohol Health presentations where they served a Cucumber Merc…