Bar Bites at The Dutch

I swung by The Dutch the other day, a place I’ve been meaning to try out for months but the reviews of crowded tables, ultra cool diners and pretentious service kept steering me away.  Luckily I caught the tail end of lunch and while the dining room was still packed I didn’t feel rushed in any way.  I started out my meal with the Cassia Blossom- a blend of vodka, kaffir lime, thai basil and aromatics.

This cocktail was refreshing and light- it reminded me a bit of the Rickshaw cocktail from Gramercy Tavern.  

Instead of regular bread a personal loaf of piping hot corn bread arrived at my table.  The bread was wonderful and I thought it really set the tone of the restaurant as well.  Maybe at night this place reeks of snootiness but I found the entire restaurant really laid back and relaxed at lunchtime.  I loved how the big windows let the sunshine in and gave incredible people watching opportunities to the diners.  My side of the bar had seats with backs and hooks for hanging bags and coats- another small but comforting touch.  Onto my lunch order the Steak Tartare.

I came specifically for this dish because it combines two of my favorites- Steak and Cesar Salad- into one.  Along with some capers, mustard, anchovy and some crunchy fingerling potato chips I was pretty much in heaven.  My delightful server came by with a little house-made hot sauce and the addition was absolute perfection.  So I’m not sure if it was lunchtime or if I just got lucky but I loved every single minute of the Dutch and can’t wait to return for some more. 

The Dutch