I remember the first time I ever went to Balthazar.  I had been living in NYC for about two months.  I was unemployed, earning some money from temp positions while searching for a job and learning the ins and outs of this big city.  We had been living on dry packaged noodles from Costco and playing beer pong on our apartment floor for fun on the weekends (we were young I tell you).  When Mr. T’s parents invited us out for brunch.  I remember sitting at Balthazar, feeling totally out of my element but absolutely loving the buzz and excitement inside the brasserie.  Along with the buzz I was absolutely amazed at the enormous tiers of seafood being brought to the tables.  I had only seen these on vacation in Florida- LOL!  I remember thinking to myself someday I would order one.

Well someday finally came last week.  Now I’ve had a seafood platter twice before at J Sheeky’s in London but never back at the place I was first introduced.  I was so excited for the enormous platter.  Top layer was filled with shrimp, mussels and a center of ceviche.

The bottom layer was filled with oysters and clams.

It was quite an enormous amount of seafood that’s for sure.  I absolutely loved the sprightly ceviche and huge shrimp up top.  Unfortunately the oysters and clams on the bottom were doused in cilantro so that was off limits to Mr. T.

We split an order of Balthazar’s famous french fries as well with the prerequisite side of mayo for dipping.  Onto desserts my Profiteroles.

This classic French dish was done perfectly here.  A flaky puff pastry filled with creamy vanilla ice cream and doused with decadent chocolate sauce.  Mr. T also went the classic french dessert route with a deliciously crackly Crème Brulee.

In the end I actually have to say I enjoyed J Sheeky’s platter much better but it was more about the experience for me.  Had it really been ten years since I first came here and sat in this bustling room staring in amazement? I truly feel like it was just yesterday- how time flies.