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Ever since I saw the 30 Rock episode where the teamsters go to a secret sandwich shop in Brooklyn and bring back some amazing sandwich's with a "magical" dipping sauce, I knew I had to find out exactly where this place was.

I did find out- it was Defontes in Red Hook.

I never made it to Red Hook and luckily now I don't have to.


Sorry for all of the caps but I was so psyched! And man it seriously delivered.

This is the sandwich they are most known for- the number 20 Hot Roast Beef.

Basically perfectly rare roast beef, fresh mozzarella and fried eggplant get thrown on a fantastic baked roll that has been dipped in au jus. It was one of the best freaking sandwich's I have ever had.

Something about their roast beef is addicting. It was smokey, salty and just fantastic.

Mr. T and I swung by after having dinner at Ippudo.

We figured we would get a sandwich, try a bite and save it for tomorrow.

That did not happen…

The Pizza Pub

The Pizza pub opened in the old Push space over on 3rd avenue.

Apparently the owners are the same they just wanted to try something new.

I was really excited about some new good pizza in the neighborhood so I went over to check it out the day after it opened.

The sign that greeted me outside the pub read "Free slice with very shot".

Hmmm...interesting I guess.

I'm not really a shot taker so I just grabbed at seat at the counter and ordered two slices of pie.

First up is the regular.

The pizza looked like it was going to be exactly what I love.

Super thin with a perfect ratio of cheese and sauce I had high hopes. Unfortunately it just wasn't that great.

While the crust was super crunchy- it had no flavor. In fact it tasted a little bit like cardboard.

The pizza itself was alright but it lacked flavor overall as well.

I added some oregano and garlic salt which improved the pie but it still needed something more.

The grandma slice didn't do much better.

Again- upon first look th…


Okay I don't live near any Burger Kings and really don't frequent fast food places so I have no idea if this is just a Chinatown thing or all Burger Kings??? WTF?

Some Random Food Pics

These are from the past week and really don't deserve a whole post on their own so I thought I would just kind of throw them together.

First up some french fries from Zum Schneider.

I've written a zillion times how much I love everything about Zum Schneider- the beers, potato pancakes, atmosphere and now the french fries.

Long, skinny and perfectly crisped, these are great beer drinking snackers.

If you like McDonald's fries (and who doesn't) you will love these.

A treat that didn't quite make the cut is the Triple Berry Kit Kat.

I was grocery shopping at New Kam Man in Chinatown when this bright shiny box jumped out at me.

Triple Berry Kit Kat!! I had to try it out.

The box was unfortunately the best part.

This Kit Kat was sickeningly sweet and tasted a lot like strawberry Nesquik.

It had a horrible artificial taste I just couldn't get past. Too bad because the packaging is so fun.

Last but not least Donburiya.

Mr. T and I had lunch together in midtown and I ordered a bo…

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Oh Valentines Day...some people really hate this holiday and some people love it.

I'm in between- I think it's definitely a marketing scheme by Hallmark but on the other hand why not have a day dedicated to the ones you love?

And why not have mandatory chocolate with that as well :)

Mr. T did exceptionally well this year in the treats department and got me two of my favorite things.

First up- Chocolates!!!

Pierre Marcolini makes some of the most delicious Belgian chocolates in the whole entire world! Luckily he has an outpost here in New York and Mr. T picked me up the perfect size sampler.

Last year he had gotten me the dark chocolate sampler so this year I got the milk chocolate one.

Marcolini's chocolate's are exquisite. I have never had chocolates that are so smooth and rich. I could eat this whole box in one sitting but that would be blasphemy.

These chocolates are meant to be savored...and savor them is what I will do!!

Mr. T also got me something else I love- Macarons!!


Beers At Sakagura

Mr. T and I had an impromptu dinner the other night at Sakagura.

I had been dying for sushi and we decided to meet up and go to Sushi Yasuda right when it opened for dinner at 6:00.

I got there right at 6:00 and they were completely booked! No room at all!

I was so disappointed :(

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. Even at 6:00 on a Friday night that place is hopping.

Luckily Sakagura had room at their bar so we hopped over there and had some small dishes.

The highlight of the meal for me was the beers we had- particularly the one Mr. T ordered.

This is the "Ginga Kogen" beer from Iwate, Japan.

This had a fantastic nutty, rich flavor. It was kind of like a Japanese Winter beer.

If they sold this in the stores I would definitely pick up a six pack.

My beer was really good as well but not so special.

I got the Soba Buckwheat Ale.

When I ordered it I didn't realize that it was a Rogue Brewing Company beer.

I love Rouge Beers but I was hoping to try something a little differen…

Chikalicious Proper!

If you remember I did a post last week about Chikalicious Dessert club and their cupcakes. I had to settle for the place across the street because I could never actually get into the actual restaurant because it was too crowded.

Well right after I published that post I was kind of just hanging out doing nothing and I realized something…


Why not? I was doing nothing and it was early enough that there shouldn’t be anyone there.

So I zipped down to the East Village and showed up to Chikalicious right around 4:30.

There were two couples inside and a woman with some audio visual equipment who looked to be doing a piece on the restaurant.

I took a seat at the bar and placed my order.

For those of you that don’t know, Chikalicious is a prix fix dessert bar.

For $12 you pick your choice of dessert and then you receive the Amuse of the day to begin and end with the Chef’s selection of Petits Fours.

The amuse that day was a Vanilla Milk Sorbet with a Kumquat Soup.

Okay when I looked at t…

A Momofuku Sundae

Mr. T and I decided to try and eat something light and healthy on Sunday morning because we knew we would be chowing down later on some heavy football food for the Superbowl.

We had some fruit, cleaned up the house a little and headed out to get some last minute provisions.

It was such a nice day outside we decided to walk down to Whole Foods Bowery instead of just hitting up our neighborhood Union Square.

Well the more we walked the more hungry we got, until both of us just decided we needed to grab something. All thoughts of our plan to stick to something light and healthy went out the window when we realized we were only one block away from Momofuku Milk Bar!

It was still pretty early in the day around 2:00, but there were still about 6 people in line ahead of us.

While we waited, Mr. T decided to get his usual Momofuku order- some pork buns- while I said I would satiate my cravings with a cookie.

Well by the time we got up to the counter to order I had been staring at all of the delici…


I don't know about you but I loooove me some yakitori!

I've been to a bunch of izakayas in the city from the disappointing new Mr. Jones to the basement hidden Hagi and the utterly delicious Aburiya Kinnosuke; but never to the jam packed Yakitori Taisho.

Why? Because it’s always too jam packed!!

So last week we planned out our plan of attack and showed up right around 6:00pm.

Luckily we able to walk right in and get a seat at the bar.

We got a pitcher of Sapporo and started in on some tasty plates of food.

First up- some yakitori of course!

We decided to go for one of the platters filled with skewers of grilled shrimp, beef, chicken meatballs, regular chicken and scallion all on a bed of cabbage.

Each skewer was simply fantastic- moist meat with a slightly smoky char from the grill.

I think my favorites were the regular chicken and the scallions.

The scallions had been doused pretty liberally with salt and the crunchy kernels on the crisp skin was like eating some sort of fantastic …

Cuppy Cakes!!!

I have been dying to go to ChikaLicous ever since it opened but there always seems to be a huge line whenever I try.

Then I realized they had opened up another store- right across the street where I could try out some of their goodies to go! How nice!

I swung by the other day and the choices were overwhelming.

Cookies, Pudding, Creme Brulee, Cheesecake. I literally wanted everything I saw.

I finally decided to go with some cupcakes.

I got two of the premium ones- the Smores and Caramel.

What make these Premium?

The inner filling.

Check out the Smores.

This truly tasted like a toasted Smores from my youth.

Graham Cracker cake, dark chocolate center and topped with a slightly burnt tasting marshmallow frosting.

Yum! I really didn't think it would get better than this but then I tried the Caramel.

Wow! I think I liked this even better.

The caramel center was sticky, sweet and utterly delicious.

This was some intense caramel flavor inside such a little cake.

The best part about these cupcakes was …


I love Superbowl Sunday!!!

Football talk all day, good commercials, and an excuse to drink a ton of beer and eat a ton of unhealthy foods...What is there not to love!

I was in Food Emporium yesterday getting some stuff for the game when I spotted this.

McSorley's Dark!!!

McSorleys has always been for sale in bottles but it was the light only.

Now they have the dark for sale! And look at the labels- they switched them up as well and I think they're pretty cool looking.

The dark is far better than the light, in my opinion, so this is fantastic!

I'm hoping my friend the Pitted Pruner can get some in his area- he'll be psyched!!

Anyway- I hope everyone enjoy some good food and drink today and that we see an exciting game.

We plan to be chowing down on some wings from Hill Country, Porchetta sandwiches and some veggies and dip of course (gotta have something not dripping with grease).

Happy Superbowl Sunday!!!