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Weekend Review- Highlight Lure Burger

This weekend was filled with lots of good fun food and drinks so I thought I would write a review. Friday a bunch of us met up at Zum Schneider around 5:30 and snagged a table. I got my usual potato pancakes. They are always so good! Honestly I think they are the best in the city- really crispy. And the salad that it comes with has a really tasty dressing. Unfortunately we enjoyed our time there a little too much with the big German beers and woke up on Saturday not feeling too good. We basically rested most of the day but decided we would go out for a good dinner. Mr Trekker was still recovering so he wanted only a quiet and relaxed place. I was craving a good burger and have heard that Lure Fish Bar's was good so we decided to go there. We showed up at 6:00 (we were in Florida last week and are still on that early dinner time it seems). The place only had two other groups eating so it was basically empty which was exactly what we were looking for being still a little beat up fro