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Brunch at Sarabeth's

Mr. T's sister and her husband were going out of town the same weekend my parents were coming in. They offered their apartment to my parents for the weekend and my father couldn't have been happier. He's always loved the Upper West Side and it's more "refined" atmosphere. So Saturday morning I woke up and took the long trek from my apartment to meet my parents for brunch at Sarabeth's . As I walked up Amsterdam Avenue I could already see a crowd of people waiting on the sidewalk out front a block away. Luckily my parents had arrived and put their name down 20 minutes before. When I showed up it was only about a 5 minute wait till our table was ready. I was just going to get a coffee to drink, but it being Saturday brunch and all, I asked for a mimosa. Instead of orange juice though I got it with their special flower juice. This is a blend of orange, fresh pineapple, banana and pomegranate juice. The juice was very good but thick. They give you a small bo

My Birthday Dinner

For my birthday dinner this year I really wanted to go all out and try one of the few 4 star restaurants in NYC. After a LOT of going back and forth I finally decided on Jean Georgeand I am so happy that I did! This will not be a long post and there are not many pictures because I decided that being my birthday, I would relax and just try to enjoy the evening, me & Mr. T. Cameras are great but sometimes you want the experience to be all your own- you know? I will say that everything about the meal was fantastic. The servers were always there filling water, wine and making sure everything was okay but without being intrusive.  Our food was spectacular from start to finish and I couldn't have been happier.  I actually only took 2 pictures that night- my first course and last. Here are my Blue Fin Tuna Ribbons that came with just the right spice to the ginger sauce and just the right amount of cooling avocado to make the dish silky and luxurious .The other highlight dis

Le Miu

Mr T & I stumbled across this sushi place a little over a year ago and had a fantastic meal kind of on a whim. We were in the area with his sister and brother-in-law this week and decided to check back and see if our second meal would live up to the first one. When I got the menu I quickly noticed that the $50 tasting menu we had the first time had now raised in price to $55. This is not uncommon, especially since this place was relativity new when we first but I was a little surprised. Nonetheless, we all ordered it because I remember thinking we had gotten a great deal last time. Our waiter came over to get our drink menu and we ended up getting into quite a discussion with him about good beers to have with our meal. Being into beer as much as I am it was nice to have a waiter who understood that beer can match a dish just as well, if not better, than wine. We got our drinks and waited only about 5 minutes before our first dishes started to come out. The first course was a tri

Belgian Frites

Some Pomme Frites from one of my favorite bars in NYC- Vol de Nuit. One of these and a glass of Leffe Brun make for a perfect Saturday afternoon!