Beer Flight at Hospoda

We were enjoying the UES the other day and decided to stop at this Central European restaurant and try out some beers.  The waitress suggested the Pilser Urquell pouring flight to us and we happily obliged.  Here they are in order of serving. 

Sweet (all foam)

Slice (half foam)

Crème (quarter foam)

Neat (no foam)

Okay I’m going to be totally honest with you I didn’t like this pouring flight. I know it’s their thing but I couldn’t grasp why I was drinking an entire glass of foam? Or even half a glass of foam. I tried to embrace it but in the end the only two I would drink again would be the Crème and Neat. Yes I noticed the different flavors in each but at the end of the day when I want a beer it had better be a beer- not some foam.

So unfortunately both Mr. T and I felt the same and ended up heading out before trying any food options.  However I thought the space was really nice and the menu looked enticing so I plan to be back …but I’m sticking with a neat for sure next time.