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Fancy Food Show 2019

The Fancy Food Show returned to New York City this past weekend taking over the entire Jacob Javits Center.  This annual event is the largest food show in North America, showcasing over 80,000 specialty food and beverages.

Since a full day of sampling requires some serious energy I always begin my day in the coffee section. 

This year spirit infused coffee shared the spotlight with the usual vanilla and caramel blends.  Jack Daniels used their classic Tennessee Whiskey while Don Pablo soaked their beans in Kentucky Bourbon.

The cheese section was also one of my very first stops at the show.  It encompasses about 35% of the entire event so one could basically just eat cheese for three days straight if so inclined.

I was incredibly excited to see Four Fat Foul from Hudson Valley with their flagship St. Stephen on display.  This triple cream cheese is one of my go-to party gifts for it's rich, buttery texture and nutty delicious flavor. 

Point Reyes Blue is another favorite for putting on…

Bar Pisellino

Ahhhh...Bar Pisellino, my brand new "happy place" in NYC.

This spanking new spot from owners Rita Sodi and Jody Williams is absolutely bursting with old school Italian charm.  The long marble bar inside is perfect for sipping mid-day espressos, while the tiny tables out front beg for cocktails and people watching of the very best kind.

The Pisellino drink list is split into two categories; Apertivi made with Prosecco and Italian cocktails focusing on gin and vermouth.  Negroni's are my current obsession but since the temperature has risen I've moved on to the classic Sgroppino.

Sgroppino's originated in Venice years ago and are a simple blend of Prosecco, vodka and  lemon sorbet.  These are sometimes served as a dessert but I find them refreshing enough to have at any time.  Lemon, bubbles and a cold creamy body, this is just like summer in a glass!   

In addition to drinks Bar Pisellino has a small menu of arancini, bomboloni and paninos to snack on, but I suggest h…

Louis M. Martini Lot No. 1

It's Fathers Day weekend and that calls for a celebration, so we're breaking out a bottle of the acclaimed Lot No. 1 Cabernet Sauvignon from Louis Martini. 

The history of Lot No. 1 wine dates back to 1952 when Louis P. Martini began to select only the finest lots to create a Cabernet that showcased the best of Napa Valley vineyards and terroir. This powerful deep ruby wine gives off aromas of black cherry, blueberry and licorice with complex notes of dark cherry, cedar, and plum with a long, lingering mocha finish.  This is big, beautiful wine that just exudes strength and elegance. 

Louis Martini
254 South Street Helena Highway
Helena, CA 94574

The Select Counter at Yakitori Torishin

New York City is home to many great yakitori spots. Places like Yaktori Totto, Taisho and Kenka are always in high demand, with waits that can last up to two hours during prime dining hours.  But one place consistently stands out above all the rest, Yakitori Torishin.

This cozy spot tucked away behind a simple awning on West 53rd Street is the only yakitori restaurant in NYC with a Michelin star.   They focus on using every part of the chicken, all organically raised and cook the meat over Kishu Binchotan, a special type of Japanese charcoal that releases large amounts of infrared rays, keeping the meat crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Torishin is comprised of three separate areas; a small sake and shochu bar up front, where guests wait for their table or enjoy a small bar omakase; a bi-level room in the rear for large groups and between the two, a small narrow bar hidden behind a curtain where the special Select Menu is served.  Here guests have the opportunity to share a…

Fish Cheeks

It's been a long time since I've been excited about a place in NOHO but guess what, I'm SUPER excited about Fish Cheeks.  This cute seafood-focused Thai spot on Bond has one of the best happy hours in the city along with a great menu of spicy, delicious eats. 

From 12:00-3:45 and again from 5:00-7:00 each day, Fish Cheeks offers $5 beer, $8 wine and delicious $10 cocktails like the tropical Blank Slate made with Cana Brava Rum, Coco lopez, grapefruit and mint. 

They also serve $1.00 Oysters topped with fried shallots and nam jim seafood which make these way more delicious than any $1.00 oyster special in the city (trust me). 

Of course the regular items on the menu are incredible as well.  I highly suggest the crispy Fried Chicken wings with chili, lime and mint and the wonderful Shrimp Sao Nahm layered with pineapple, ginger, chili and fried garlic in a creamy coconut dressing. 

In addition to the great food and drink, Fish Cheeks gives every table or bar guest a carafe of wa…

Patisserie Chanson

I love Sunday mornings at Patisserie Chanson.  This beautiful French bakery makes my favorite baked goods in the city, from their flaky Raspberry Croissants and Black Sesame Kougins to the creamy Eclairs and Chocolate Mille Feuilles.

My current obsession is their seasonal Yuzu Bomboloni.  It's impossibly fluffy and light on the outside, rolled in sugar, then stuffed with a bright, citrusy yuzu cream that's so refreshing, I actually feel transported to a beautiful yuzu tree filled island.  

Of course I'm actually just sitting across from Eataly, two blocks from my tiny apartment, but it's good to have island daydreams once in a while. 

Patisserie Chanson
20 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010

Brunch at Oxomoco

This past Memorial Day Mr. T and I opted out of travel for a glorious "staycation" in the city.  Since most people head to the beach, we were left with quiet streets and a multitude of open reservations to great spots like Oxomoco; the gorgeous, sun soaked Mexican spot in Greenpoint that received a Michelin star last year.  I don't understand every aspect of the Michelin award process, but I have to assume the Spring Pea Tlayuda had something to do with that honer.  

This beautiful round of masa was stretched thin, layered with creamy quesillo, salsa cruda, mint, serrano and scallion.  It was slightly spicy yet refreshing; like biting into a the perfect garden vegetable pizza.

For a classic Mexican egg dish order the Chilaqulies Rojos, a crunchy mound of tortillas and egg dressed with warm red salsa, queso fresco and crema (pictured here without cilantro).

But something a bit more intense I would suggest the Hamburguesa Pambazo; a rich patty of dry aged beef loaded with smo…