ABV and Earl's

I feel like I haven't been to the UES in years so Mr. T and I decided to spend the day on a little crawl in the upper reaches of the neighborhood.  Our first stop was new bar and restaurant ABV.

I knew they were supposed to have some delicious wines but I was really surprised how great the beer list looked!  Mr. T tried out a Urthel Saisonnere...

...while I stuck to wine with a nice Muscadet.

The cozy little spot had a nice menu on the wall and incredibly friendly service.

I would have stayed for a bite to eat but we were continuing on to our next UES spot just a block away- Earl's Beer and Cheese.

The people behind Earl's actually own ABV so I thought this was a neat little stopping place. We were lucky enough to get the window spot up front and even luckier because they had the Bronx Pale Ale on tap. 

One order of Beer Cheese later and we were happily snacking on the buttery toast with whole cloves of garlic and salty cheese. Is this the perfect bar snack or what!  I would love to have either of these places in my hood and must make the UES trek a little more.


Earl's Beer and Cheese