Valentine's Day at White Castle

Yes that’s right- we decided to do White Castle this year for the Hallmark holiday and I have to say it was quite the experience.

The tables were adorned with roses and candles (both fake of course). Our drinks came in champagne flutes which really kicked it up a notch.

A special Valentines day menu was provided and our waiter took our order while we sat.

Then came the food! We stuck to the classics Chicken Rings and Cheeseburgers.

And they even gave us a special treat at the end for free.

Alright the cheesecake tasted like chemicals and don’t even get me started on the strange texture and flavor of the chicken rings (its chicken in the shape of a ring for goodness sake- doesn’t anyone else find that disturbing!) But it was something different and certainly quite funny in the end. Mr. T is a big White Castle fan and in every relationship there’s compromise soo…

It’s was a Love Castle kind of Valentines Day.