Happy Friday! Time for a Treat!

Yes!  More Robecelli's!  I think I have one of these cupcakes every Monday now almost as a ritual.  This week I had some tough choices but I was craving chocolate so I ended up with The Hinsch- Chocolate malted cake, vanilla buttercream, malted chocolate sauce, homemade chocolate malted milk balls.

Talk about a malted lovers dream cake this was fabulous.  I really don't know how Robecellis gets there frosting and cake so light but so rich at the same time.   BTW I must tell you the other flavor choices that day:  Pecan Potato Chip: Pecan potato chip cake, vanilla buttercream, crushed pecans and potato chips, salted butterscotch, Blueberry Cobbler: Vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, wild Maine blueberry compote, cinnamon streusel and finally the Southern Belle: Banana cake, vanilla buttercream, brown butter bourbon glazed pecans.

Seriously I may have do devote a week just to eating their cupcakes.