Brunch at Hecho en Dumbo

I actually got Mr. T out for brunch the other day and I was determined to find a place he would enjoy to curb his distaste for the meal.  Unfortunately Hecho en Dumbo was not that place.  We arrived right around 1:00 pm and got one of the last tables in the back.  I’m not sure if everyone had just arrived at the same time but flagging down a waitress took a little time.

My brunch cocktail arrived which was a blend of sparkling wine, tequila and hibiscus flower tea.  It was quite a beautiful presentation but the overall flavor was a little too flowery for my tastes.  Onto our entrees my Huevus Divorciados-  two eggs one with a Chili Serrano Salsa Verde and one with a red Salsa Ranchera.

This entrée was quite disappointing.  There was certainly some heat from chili salsa verde but besides that everything was quite bland.  Mr. T’s Huevus Estrellados “Lucio” fared somewhat better.

 Fried eggs mixed with French fries were delicious however the menu said it came with a crumbled chorizo.   This so called chorizo had absolutely no spice and if you ask me it tasted more like ground beef.  Although it was still tasty the tiny portion size and lack of spice really made it an unsatisfying experience.

We grabbed our check quickly since the loud room was starting to aggravate Mr. T and I couldn’t help but notice on our way out that only one other table had received their food.  All of the tables had arrived before us so I felt quite bad for the other patrons who were still waiting for their food.  So unfortunately the meal was a bust and Mr. T now has more excuses not to go out for brunch.  Looks like I’ll be making pancakes at home for a while.

Hecho en Dumbo