Georgetown Cupcakes

I had high hopes for Georgetown Cupcakes.  This cupcake shop is highly celebrated in DC so when they opened up in SOHO I knew I had to check it out.

 There were so many choices…

 I finally decided to order two- The Vanilla2 and the Strawberry.

The women behind the counter absolutely raved about the Strawberry and I have to say she was right to a point.  The frosting was super creamy and everything tasted really fresh and natural.

Look how moist this cake was as well.  They churn up real strawberries and you can really taste each one.  I thought this was a great cupcake however it just didn’t satisfy me as well as the ones I’ve had at Robecelli’s or Cupcakes in Heels.  The Vanialla2 was made with Cream Cheese frosting instead of Buttercream (hence the number 2 distinction) and I thought it was just okay.  The Strawberry was certainly a better choice.  So overall Georgetown was good but I'm sticking to outer borough travel for my cupcakes.