Sometime I just need a little bit of old New York in my day. Luckily I live right near one of the oldest Jewish deli’s left around – Eisenberg’s. Take a seat at the bar, maybe order a Lime Rickey or Egg Cream and hunker down for a sandwich.  I wasn’t feeling like their amazing Reuben or ultimate Tuna Salad the other day. No just a delicious Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Sometimes the simple things are the best and this just hit the spot.

Interestingly enough about halfway through my meal I realize I’m sitting right next to quite the neighborhood staple. I see this man almost every day walking around the neighborhood- always screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs at nothing in particular. He never asks for money; he causes quite a commotion once in a while but I’ve rendered him harmless after seeing him do this for years now without hurting himself or anyone. I imagine he has some serious emotional problems that the city has just compounded.

What was so interesting is that he was quiet as a mouse. I didn’t even hear him sit down and when I looked over he seemed so calm. That’s probably what’s so great about Eisenberg’s- it’s comfortable. You are who you are in here and everyone’s treated the same regardless. It’s a great neighborhood place that I hope continues to remain unchanged by time.