Savoring a Little Satis Bistro- Jersey City

Jersey City is right next door to Manhattan and I’ve only been there once in my life. I have nothing against the town it’s just not somewhere I think about often. Well all that’s about to change since I had such a delightful little dinner at Satis Bistro the other night. We started out with a nice big arugula salad and the daily antipasto plate.

The salad was lightly dressed with just enough lemon juice, pepper and fresh parmigianno to balance the bitter greens. Then onto the chef’s selection of antipasti.

That night we enjoyed Jamon Serrano and some Murcia al Vino- an absolutely delicious and different goat milk soaked in red wine. They had so many interesting cheeses and meats from their Salumeria I could have made a meal from that alone but onto entrees we went with a Braised Creekstone Beef Short Rib.

This massive piece of beef was nice and tender. I enjoyed the flavors of chorizo and goat cheese mixed into the mashed potatoes underneath. Mr. T’s Housemade Ricotta Gnocchi was quite a winner as well.

The irregular pasta shapes, beans and garlic confit had such a homey feel. It was just like a dish mom used to make.

Yes you see correctly- for dessert its sundaes!!! Probably one of my favorite ways to end a meal and insanely delicious gelato ones at that. Mr. T had the Chocolate Hazelnut Tartufo with the classic hard chocolate shell. While I enjoyed the German Chocolate Cake sundae.

Coconut Almond Chip gelato, Dark Chocolate gelato, candied pecans, toasted coconut and butterscotch sauce= my heaven in a bowl. Seriously this was freaking delicious! Not only was everything about our food wonderful but this place is BYOB as well!

We picked up an everyday red we love from the store down the street and they happily poured it all night. All this for just under $70. Wow! I loved the vibe, the music and the price certainly can’t be beat. Thanks you Satis for such a great meal. I am already planning my return trip to JC just to see you again!

Satis Bistro


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