North End Grill

This past weekend Mr. T, his folks and I ventured to the end of the island to try out Danny Meyer’s newest restaurant North End Grill. Walking inside I was pleasantly surprised by the sleek, clean aesthetic. It reminded me a bit of The Modern but with a nice open kitchen for viewing.

We began our meal with a delicious and crisp bottle of Pinot Gris and a towering plate of complimentary bread.

There were so many things on the menu that looked delicious I had a little trouble ordering. I knew I would want to try a little of everyone’s dish so I ordered two appetizers for my meal so I would have room for sampling. My first appetizer was the Raw Fluke with bacon, apples and lime.

This was a zesty dish with the bright acidity of lime playing off the salty bacon bits on top. It was a somewhat safe choice whereas Mr. T went with something completely new to him Cod Throats Meuniere.

 The fish definitely had a southern flare to it even with the brown butter sauce on the bottom. I liked the flavor of the fish but I didn’t enjoy the texture. The crispy outside and warm somewhat stringy inside just turned me off. What can I say- I know I have texture issues. For my other appetizer I ordered off the Egg portion of the menu and got the Tuna Tartare with Fried Quail Egg and Crispy Shallots.

What’s not to love about this dish- tuna and quail egg together are a match made in heaven. Here I absolutely loved the texture of everything and thought the crispy shallots really brought a normal tartare to a new level.

Mr. T ordered the Norwegian Steelhead Salmon with Maple Roasted Kabocha. I couldn’t try the salmon because of my allergy to the fish but I loved the roasted Kabocha. I might even try making this at home. The parents both ordered the Nova Scotia Halibut with Pine Nuts, Green Raisins and Clams. The fish was cooked perfectly but I was very surprised to taste all the spices in the broth. This was definitely Cardoza bringing his Indian flare over from Tabla to here.

That is certainly the case with the Thrice- Fried Spiced Fries. They had a ton of flavor but unfortunately they were no where near as crispy as I would have expected from Thrice- Fried. Check out the Breslin fries- those are thrice fried perfection.

Onto my favorite portion of the night a little macchiato and then desserts! Mr. T ordered the Butterscotch Pot de Crème with chocolate streusel and single “Maltmellows”.

I absolutely loved the presentation of the dessert it was so playful. The “maltmellows” were perfect for dipping into the crème and dusting with some delicious chocolaty streusel. It was an awesome dessert but I have to say mine was even better.

Have I ever told you how much I love a good Sticky Toffee Pudding? This one was out of this world with an insanely moist cake, perfect sauce and ultra creamy ice cream. This is the kind of dessert you dream of for days to come after. I LOVE STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING!!!

I really enjoyed my meal at North End and Mr. T and the parents were quite pleased as well. The food was great, the service was wonderful and it was nice to see Floyd Cardoz cooking in the kitchen. We said goodbye to the parents and then stopped off for one last cocktail at Weather Up.

A Barbados Swizzle later and it was time to retire for the evening. Quite a nice little Saturday night in the city.

North End Grill

Weather Up