Resturant Week Lunch at Riverpark

After a crazy night celebrating the Giants Superbowl victory I used my much needed vacation day for the last RW lunch of winter.  To begin a bright Chardonnay and a house made iced tea.

Mr. T's appetizer the Charred Eggplant & Goat Cheese Bruschetta.

I'm not a huge eggplant fan but I really enjoyed the charred flavor on this and the combination of creamy cheese with just a bit of honey on top for added sweetness.  For my appetizer I went safe but delicious with the Cesar Salad.

Safe since I ordered this last year here for RW.  Delcious because it's truly one of the best Cesar salads going.  Huge chunks of Parmesan, great creamy dressing and a little bit of crunch from some bread crumbs.  Yum!  Onto entrees Mr. T's Fried Chicken sandwich with pickled vegetables, aioli and fries.

I didn't have any of the chicken sandwich but it certainly looked wonderful.  However I did try the fries and they were long, skinny and had a nice crispness.  I decided to go the pasta route and ordered the Buckwheat Parpadelle with pork ragu, fennel, pine nuts and sweet potato.

I thought this sounded like a strange combination but it actually worked.  I especially enjoyed the pine nuts but I have to say it paled greatly in comparison to my parpadelle at Ciano.    To end the meal Mr. T enjoyed a rich Chocolate Pot de Creme. 

While I went the ice cream route with a Black Forest Sundae .

Layers of Devils Food Cake, brandied cherries, pistachios and vanilla ice cream made for a delightful end to the meal.  I wasn't so much of a brandied cherry fan so I pushed those aside but the ice cream and cake were just the right size.  Once again I really enjoyed Riverpark for Restaurant Week.  The service was great and the food, while maybe not mind blowing, was good value and well done.  Riverpark is a solid choice for the last of the $24.07 deals.

Riverpark Restaurant