Friday, July 31, 2009

Cafe Habana

After a huge lunch at the river Café we spent the rest of the day walking around the city and stopping off here and there for some tasty alcoholic beverages and people watching. Until finally it was time to eat again! Hooray!!!

Although I had someone visiting I really wanted to go somewhere new. Luckily I had talked about wanting to check out Café Habana earlier in the week and Mr. Pruner remembered.

“Let’s go check out that sandwich place.”

It’s not really just a sandwich place- more like a Cuban Sandwich place!

“Hell Yeah!”

We showed up and noticed a crowd of people outside. I put in my name and was told the wait would be about 20 minutes. We were milling around the idea of walking over to Freeman’s when she came out and said our table was ready! We only waited two minutes!

One thing Café Habana doesn’t have much of is space. However living in NYC you learn quickly to cram in beside your neighbor and just enjoy.

We ordered a couple of Corona’s and our first dish arrived- the Grilled Corn Mexican Style.

I had heard this was quite a tasty dish but I had no idea how much spice this would have! Cotija cheese, lime juice and a healthy dusting of chili powder erupted into an awesome burst of flavor that was quite addicting. (There might have been some mayo in there as well). I think I ate that ear of corn faster than any ear of corn in my life.

Of course I had to ask for some water after because my mouth was on fire- but it was worth it.

For our mains we both went with the Cuban sandwich.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a good picture of the meat inside but believe me it was awesome. The pork was super moist and topped with Ham, Swiss Cheese and Pickles. Mr. Pruner said there could have been more pickles and I kind of agree but overall I thought it was a fantastic sandwich.

All of this great food and drink came to about $40.00 total. Not bad at all! And the corn was so good- I brought home an order just for Mr. T!

Cafe Habana

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Restaurant Week at the River Cafe

Friday we headed over to DUMBO to celebrate restaurant week at the River Café. The River Café is a gorgeous place right on the water with a stunning view of lower Manhattan. I’d been here a couple of times before but never for their restaurant week and I was excited.

We were a little early for our reservation so we stopped off first at Almondine to pick up the best Almond Croissant in the city for Mr. T who was working Then we headed over to Jacque Torres to drool a little as the smell of chocolate slowly enveloped us. Then a last stop to Five Front for a drink in an attempt to cool down from the humid weather.

We walked into River Café and got a nice two seater right by the window. I couldn’t help but notice they added another row of seats to the space. I assume they want to pack it in for restaurant week. It made the space a little tight but still quite manageable.

We ordered a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and perused the menu.

One thing I thought was a little strange was that our bread arrived almost immediately- before we even placed our food order. I’ve had that happen before and I kind hate it. It’s not a bad thing- it just ensures that I will fill up on bread before my food even comes!

Oh well- the bread was slightly warm and came with creamy room temperature butter, perfect for spreading. I missed not having any salt for my butter but it was still quite tasty.

After much debate on our appetizers we placed our orders.

My first dish was the Chilled Vegetable Gazpacho. I have only had gazpacho once in my life and I hated it. However that was years ago and I figured it was time to try it again.

My bowl arrived with the marinated shrimp and avocado salad alone. Then the waiter poured the soup tableside. I know that’s kind of old fashioned but I loved it. The shrimp and avocado salad went fantastic with the summer tomatoes in the soup. Although I still will never be a big Gazpacho fan this dish was light and refreshing.

Mr. Pruner ordered the Lamb Meatballs “Au Poivre” as his appetizer.

As soon as I smelled the Cognac sauce from his dish I was jealous. Luckily I was given a bite and it was absolutely wonderful. The Colorado Lamb was amazing light and earthy for a meatball and the buttery potato puree absorbed all the rich sauce.

Winner of this round of dishes goes squarely to Mr. Pruner.

For my entrée I ordered the Duck Breast.

When my dish arrived I was immediately struck by how much this resembled the roast duck I’ve had in Chinatown. Usually when I order Duck at a fine dining establishment it comes out cut into medallions looking almost like lamb.

No matter what I was expecting my dish was fantastic. The crispy parsnip root and plum slices on top really gave this dish a totally different flavor than your average roast duck. If I could change one thing it would have been a little more rare or had more port wine sauce just to make it a tad more moist. However it was an excellent entrée.

Mr. Pruner ordered the Brooklyn Three Cheese Ravioli.

This dish was also quite tasty with homemade Italian Sausage, Cherry Tomatoes and Grilled Asparagus all mixed in. I thought the ravioli could have been cooked a little bit longer as it came out quite firm but the fresh Parmigiano Reggiano and Sage brought a depth to this dish that I haven’t tasted in many pastas.

Round Two- entrees- goes to me- The Tasty Trekker!!!

So who will win this three course challenge? The final dish.

A dessert sampler for each of us! We are both winners!!

I don’t know any girl that doesn’t love a dessert sampler. This one came with Strawberry Shortcake, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory’s Vanilla Ice cream with Walnuts and the Dark Chocolate Marquise Cake.

Everything was delicious but the combination of the Chocolate Cake with the Vanilla Ice Cream was absolutely decadent. I promised myself I wouldn’t overeat on dessert but we both pretty much licked the plates clean.

So we enjoyed a fabulous meal for only about $24.07 each without wine! That’s a great deal!

Sometimes service lacks at restaurant week but it was pretty well done here. I have a minor quibble with our waitress who kept spilling each time she filled our wine glasses. She didn’t use a linen to wipe the top after each pour so it dripped on the table. That was kind of aggravating. However the other staff were completely accommodating and very professional so it made up for that minor issue.

After that lovely meal we burned off some calories by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and back into Manhattan. What a lovely start to a day!

The River Cafe

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Start of the Pitted Prune Weekend- Lombardi's!

One of my oldest and dearest friends, the Pitted Pruner, came down for his semi-annual visit this past weekend. I love when Pruner visits because he enjoys doing exactly what I love most- walking around the city and eating lots of food.

He flew in on Thursday night and we decided to begin our food weekend at a NYC institution Lombardi's.

We started out with a large pie- half Pepperoni and half Sweet Sausage.

I love Lombardi's pie because it has a slightly sweet sauce, the perfect amount of cheese and the best pepperoni in the city. See how it's curled up at the edges? It's slightly charred and super crispy. Mmmm...Crispy meat products!!!

Last time I thought the crust was slightly soggy in the middle so I ordered it extra crispy. This time the dough was perfect with a great foldable middle and wonderful crunchy edge.

We decided to be a bit more adventurous with our second pie and chose Ricotta Cheese, Meatball and Garlic Spinach.

Whoa look at this pie! It looks like it's covered in little mounds of mashed potato! Those mounds are actually giant dollops of Ricotta Cheese. Talk about rich!

This pie was great but one piece was more than enough. The Cheese was so heavy it was almost like eating a regular pizza with a cheesecake on top.

However the spinach was an excellent complement with a super garlicky sauce that helped to ease the rich taste of the cheese. Of course the meatballs didn't help much. Offdah! This was a heavy pie!

We ended up with a ton of leftovers which proved to be great for soaking up some beers we consumed later.

One of the strangest parts of our meal was the table next to us. Apparently one person had just gotten out of prison and they were obviously celebrating. I believe some pizzas may even have been delivered to the courthouse but I'm not positive. Anyway it made for some good conversation as we ate!

Lombardi's is not the best pie in the city but it consistently stays on my top 5 list. Good ambiance, efficient service and quite a damn good pizza. Not a shabby start to a fabulous food weekend. Tomorrow- restaurant week lunch!!

Lombardi's Website

Saturday, July 25, 2009

P- Town Wrap Up

Sunday was out last full day to enjoy Provincetown so after chowing down on those wonderful malasadas we decided that one more meal of fresh lobster was in order. We just happened to be right next door to the Lobster Place enjoying some drinks at a dive bar so I figured why the hell not. I heard the lobster was some of the best in town if you could handle the touristy, family atmosphere.

Luckily we got seated upstairs right near the bar so most of the tables around us were people more our age and we had a little bit more space to move around than in the packed dining room. They started us out with a nice bread basket filled with Pumpkin Squares and Some White Rolls.

Their soup sounded really good so we ordered the Lobster Bisque and Clam Chowder.

Wow this is one of the best Lobster Bisque I have ever tasted. It had a wonderful sweet aroma and a rich velvety texture that was simply perfect. Usually I feel weighed down by all of the cream in bisque but this one somehow had the rich texture but not the rich aftermath of cream.

The Clam Chowder was amazing as well. It was super thick with big chunks of clam and potato all throughout the milky broth. Unfortunately my main dish didn’t come out to well in the picture but you’d better believe the Pan Roasted lobster was amazing! It was delicately cooked in a nice garlic and butter sauce that really keep the lobster nice and moist without overpowering the sweet flavor of the meat.

Our other entrée was the Lobster Roll which was came with an especially tasty side of potato salad and a nice buttery roll. They also brought out a large salad for us to share with four homemade dressings. For dessert we shared the Crème Brulee and some sort of Chocolate Dome. The Chocolate Dome was a little to strange for my tastes. The chocolate shell surrounding the cake inside almost dried out the flavor of the dish and it was very difficulty to bite into.

The Crème Brulee however was very good with a nice caramelized top and smooth creamy middle. That hit the spot.

Some other notes about our weekend trip. We were excited to try out Devon’s for dinner Saturday night but unfortunately our experience was not very good. The food was spectacular but the service and quantity were severely lacking. We were never served our menus upon being seated. In fact we waited so long I finally went up and asked for some after about 15 minutes from the bored looking hostess. Two other tables arrived after we were seated and they both received their wine and appetizers before we had even ordered!
The entrees we ordered were all in the $25-30 range and while they were quite tasty, the size of the dishes were quite tiny for that amount of money. Four small Scallops adorned the Scallop Plate while the Filet Mignon looked to be about 4 ozs tops. The special dish of the night I ordered was a wonderful flakey Cod in a fantastic Beurre Blanc. However one of their regular menu items, the Bouillabaisse, tasted extremely over seasoned with Old Bay and Salt. Although the quiet atmosphere was a wonderful contrast to the loud annoying Lobster Pot, the food and service couldn’t be beat. I would not return to Devon’s for another meal.

However I would return to Provincetown again for a relaxing weekend away. Our place was absolutely wonderful with a private deck and our own little space on the beach. It was nice to get together again with old friends and catch up a little. You truly need to do that every once in a while or the important things in life could pass you by.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Portuguese Bakery- Povincetown

Walking around Provincetown on Sunday with the ladies I needed something sweet. I had heard about this Portuguese Bakery in town so we headed over there. As soon as I saw these in the window I knew it would be the perfect fix.

Malasada's!!!! OMG Imagine some fried dough from the fairs when you were little and make it taste about 10 times better. Look at how huge this thing is!!!

The Malasada was piping hot and had the perfect ratio of crunchy outside crust and doughy warm innards all lightly dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Can you say YUM!!!! It literally melted in my mouth! I have been dreaming about this pastry ever since that day. Apparently they sell these stuffed with custard as well. Thanks God my thighs didn't see those! I probably would have bought 10. I must find a place like this in the city. Anyone know a place?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pepe's Wharf in Provincetown

I got together with my three favorite people in the world this past weekend for a fun girls vacation in Provincetown. Our first night out in the town we decided to head to a nearby place called Pepe's for some food and drink. Pepe's is located right on the water so we were seated with a nice table overlooking the ocean.We started off with an appetizer of Conch Fritters.

I have yet to find Conch Fritters anywhere near as good as the ones I've had in Key West and these ones didn't quite live up to that standard either but they were still tasty. The outside was perfectly fried golden brown but the inside meat was a little bit tough. I would have enjoyed something a bit lighter but they were still pretty tasty. For my main I ordered the Lobster Salad.

This was perfect. The lobster meat was tender and held together by just a smattering of mayo. My friend got the same salad made with Crabmeat.

This was also really good but I enjoyed mine more. Crab is really tasty but I've always found it to be a tad too rich in large amounts. The lobster roll was excellent. It had the same lobster inside as my salad and the fries were perfectly salted and crispy.

Our last entree of the night was the Fisherman's Platter. Shrimp, Scallops, Cod and all sort of fried goodness on a plate. There's really nothing else to say- it was great beer drinking food.

My friend was craving dessert but couldn't decide on just one so she asked for a dessert sampler for the table.

Wow they really hooked us up! Lemon Square, Chocolate Brownie, Blueberry Crumble and some kind of Peach Apple Cake. The Lemon Square was easily the best with a great zesty flavor that completely competed the meal and provided a refreshing end. They were so sweet they gave it to us for free!

Our service was spectacular and we just had a great time enjoying the ocean view. I'll post about the other places we enjoyed but Pepe's was by far my favorite. The atmosphere and service were exactly what we were looking for and the night couldn't have been more perfect.

P-Town is meant for Pepe's!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gotham Bar & Grill

I had a fun filled weekend out in Provincetown with my girls and came home exhausted last night. I decided I needed another day to recuperate so I took Tuesday off and relaxed.

Being that it's restaurant week I figured, what's more relaxing than a nice lunch by myself? So I went out!

I was planning to check out Union Square Cafe but when I went inside the entire bar was full. I didn't want to sit at a table as a solo diner so I walked over to Gotham Bar and Grill instead.

Gotham was completed reserved as well but there were a couple seats at the bar. I placed my order and took a moment to enjoy the atmosphere.

This was my first time in Gotham and I have to say the room is beautiful. The main dining area is somewhat sunken with a large window in the back and front of the restaurant that allows some natural sunlight to stream in.

Being that it was restaurant week I ordered three courses. First up my appetizer the Watermelon and Tomato Salad.

I was excited by the pretty presentation of the dish and the taste was absolutely wonderful. The watermelon and feta had a lively flavor alongside the wonderful white balsamic dressing. The whole dish was light, clean and refreshing.

For my main I got the Grilled Chicken Sausage.

Okay I would never order this dish at a regular lunch but none of the other restaurant week options jumped out at me. Holy cats I'm so glad I did though.

The sausage was huge and came with wonderful sauce on the side that was perfect for dipping into the potato puree.

The veggies were really good as well, although there was something in the mix I didn't like. It tasted like cilantro but I never saw the greens. Strange but the rest of the dish rocked.

For dessert I tried out the famed Gotham Chocolate Cake.

When this was first presented to me I thought the serving was tiny. Then I took a bite...OMG if this was any bigger I would have blown up!

It was so incredibly rich! The cake was pretty light and extremely moist but the chocolate was so intense I didn't think I was going to get even halfway though it.

Granted I finally did but it took me a little while :) This cake was almost too much for me and I'm a chocolate fined. I think I prefer something a little bit lighter.

Overall I loved my meal at Gotham. My bartender was fantastic, the food was great and the atmosphere couldn't be beat.

My only qualm was some of the people there. I understand it's restaurant week but that doesn't mean you don't have to dress up at all. I mean people were there in shorts and baseball caps! I don't think that's acceptable in any dining establishment, much less Gotham!

I'm trying to hit up one more RW lunch with my friend the Pitted Pruner on Friday. Right now the plan is either The River Cafe or Del Posto. We'll see how that compares.

Gotham Bar and Grill

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lunch at Lobster Place

I was working in my Manhattan office on Friday which is right outside the Meatpacking district. I love working here because it gives me the opportunity to walk over the Chelsea Market and peruse all the delicious offerings it houses during lunch time and possibly see some sort of Food Network star.

Not that it usually happens. So far Paula Dean was the only one I ever saw there and she kind of looked like a robot so I got a little freaked out. Not the best experience.

Anyway Friday I wandered around sampling Fat Witch Brownies and Cookies at Ruthy’s until I finally found myself in the Lobster Place.

Apparently they renovated since the last time I was here and it looked quite different. There is a ton of more space up front and now they have a small stand in the back for ordering prepared foods.

I went to the “Shack-in-the-Back” and checked out the menu. I really wanted the Lobster Roll but I couldn’t see spending $16 on lunch (although $16 is quite reasonable for a lobster roll).

I decided instead to order the Crab Club Roll.

I have to say for $9.95 this is a ton of food.

I didn’t realize everything comes with potato chips and coleslaw.

Here’s a close up of the sandwich.

Wow this was really good! The crab was more like a crab salad with a little bit of mayo mixed in the hold it all of the rich succulent meat together.

The sandwich was topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon and a thin layer of guacamole.

I didn’t really think the guacamole flavor went with the crab meat and I took most of it off. I also thought between all of the mayo and bacon I was pretty much at my fat quota for the day. Losing some of the guac made me feel a little bit better about myself.

The sandwich was so fresh and delicious! Yum! Seriously one of the best lunches I have had in a long, long time.

I was so full after finishing this is was difficult to focus on work again. I think I was in some sort of seafood coma for a while there. Luckily it was Friday so I was able to leave a little early and go for a nap on my tar beach at home.

Thank goodness I only work in that office once in a while. Between the free brownie samples and the Shack-in-the-Back I would be a monstrosity.

The Lobster Place

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Brew Friday- Beers at Petite Abeille

I was trying the chase the late day sun Friday night and really wanted to catch some rays and have a few drinks.

We decided to head over to the east side near Sty Town and check out a few neighborhood places we haven’t been to in a while. As we walked around I couldn’t believe how different that area felt. It used to be filled with lots of families but now it seemed to be all young professionals. I wonder if that has anything to do with the selling of Sty Town?

We passed Petite Abeille and realized they had a bunch of tables outside so we sidled up and got ready for some tasty beers.

Petite Abeille is a cute Mussels and Frites place that has quite an impressive list of Belgium Beers.

My first beer of the night was a De Koninck.

This beer poured a medium amber with very little head that rapidly dissolved. For a Belgium beer this is really light weighing in at only 5% ABV. Unfortunately what it lacks in alcohol it also lacks in flavor. I never really tasted anything. Maybe a little malt here and there but overall it was a little dull.

Next up the Delirium Nocturnum.

Delirium Tremens seems to be available at more and more bars lately but the Nocturnum is a little more rare. It pours a deep dark brown with a nice amount of foam on the head that stayed most of the time just lacing the glass. At 8.5% ABV this beer certainly can pack a punch but it doesn’t have that strong alcohol taste. The caramel and molasses taste give this beer a nice sweet finish that puts is ahead of the Tremens in my ranking.

The last beer I ordered was the Leffe Blonde.

If you remember Leffe Brune used to be one of my favorite beers of all time. Then I got horribly sick in Brussels after drinking them all night and I haven’t been able to stomach them since.

I decided to have a blonde to see if I could get myself used to the Leffe style again. This beer poured a nice golden yellow with the same amount of foam and lacing as the Nocturnum. At 6.6 % ABV this beer has a fantastic crisp, clean taste that was refreshing out in the summer sun.

Petite Abeille runs a special on Monday nights where all of their beer is half off. There were some really good looking bottles on the menu that normally would break the bank. That alone is worth coming back for some time.

Petite Abeille

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blue 9 Burger

I was not in a cooking mood the other night and was craving something greasy and satisfying. What’s more greasy and satisfying than a burger and fries? It’s the ultimate comfort food in my book.

I jumped on Seamlessweb to see what was in my delivery zone and the first one that caught my eye was Blue 9 burger. So I placed my order and 20 minutes later my food arrived.

I really love getting food delivered. It’s awesome how with just a few clicks of your mouse you can get a piping hot meal in minutes. You don’t even have to speak to anyone any more! It’s crazy!

Anyway my Blue 9 Burger arrived wrapped in the same style as a Shake Shack burger and about the same size. That’s where the similarities end however. Where a Shake burger has that clean crispy char Blue 9 goes strictly for the greasy fast food style burger. The meat was dangerously juicy and perfectly cooked to pink medium rare. It was no Shake burger but it was pretty darn good. A great alternative when I don’t want to wait in that line.

The fries were pretty disappointing though. They arrived super limp and a little soggy. I’m not sure if they had been sitting out a while or if that’s just how they cook them there.

However I was much more into the burger so I was a happy girl overall. The best part is that Blue 9 is open late. I can definitely see myself chowing on these after some beers on the weekend.

Monday, July 13, 2009


After meeting some friends out to celebrate with a couple birthday drinks at Spuyten Duyvil Mr. T and I hopped off the L train on 3rd avenue absolutely starving.

We were only about 10 blocks away from our apartment but I had no intentions of going home to cook. I needed food stat.

One of the first places we ran across was the little asian tapas joint Chino’s.

We used to frequent Chino’s quite a bit when they had a great lunch deal and really enjoyed the food, so we stopped in.

As I was perusing the menu I realized they had changed it quite a bit from the last time.

Nothing really sounded that appealing to me and I ended up ordering the Calamari Salad because it was one of the few entrees left that I used to enjoy at lunch.

About 3 minutes later the waiter came back with our dishes.

Now I was starving so quick food is great but how can someone put together quality dishes in that short amount of time?

Well they can’t- that’s the answer.

I took one bite of my salad and immediately needed a sip of water.

OMG it was so salty!! And I’m not just talking about the lukewarm, possibly microwaved calamari, I’m talking about the salad greens as well.

I was so starving I continued to eat for a few minutes until I literally had to stop because my lips were so salty I could feel them drying out.

Mr. T’s dish fared a little bit better but not much.

He ordered the Shrimp and Crab Udon Noodles.

The shrimp was cooked well and the broth had a very nice flavor but look at the crab meat.

Huge chunks of imitation crab meat were everywhere.

I really, really dislike imitation crab meat and Mr. T is no different.

Another problem was the lack of noodles. Usually the Noodles are the most prevalent ingredient in this dish but here they were far outnumbered by the vegetables and crab.

If you’re gonna cheap out on the crab then why not add some more noodles- they’re cheap?

We left the restaurant still quite hungry, really disappointed and me with the pruniest looking lips you’ve ever seen!

On the walk home we passed a number of places we could have eaten at instead and I decided then and there that we would never return to Chino’s again.

There are too many other great places in the neighborhood.

Luckily I did enjoy seeing some old friends and trying out some great new beers from Mahr’s Brau that night at Spuyten Duyvil. Things could be worse.

Chino's Website

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Red Velvet at Sunburst

I have had a serious craving for cupcakes lately- Red Velvet in particular.

I was so excited on Friday when I ran across the new cupcake truck and got one of their mini red velvets.

Unfortunately it was quite dry and not very tasty.

So today I decided to try and find has that would satisfy my craving.

I stopped by Sunburst Espresso bar for a coffee and saw that they had these delicious looking cupcakes right up front and they were only $2.75. Score!

I took one home and dug in.

If your a frosting person this cake is for you. The frosting really outweighed the cake.

I mean look at that cake to frosting ratio.

At first I liked this cupcake. The cake was very moist and the frosting had a slightly sour flavor.

However after a couple bites this just became way too much.

The frosting was so sweet it became almost sickening and I started to get a stomach ache almost immediately.

Mr. T split this with me and if he hadn't there would be now way for me to finish it. It was simply too much.

Unfortunately the sunburst cupcake didn't do it for me. It certainly satisfied my craving but in a bad way. I don't want anything sweet for a LONG time after this!

I have yet to find one anywhere near as good as my mini guy from Lassen and Hennigs.

Too bad they are way out in Brooklyn

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crocodile Lounge

When you live in the city, you get used to paying a lot of money every time you step out the door.

Oh sure- there’s some free stuff. The rotating sample at the tasting counter of Trader Joe's, the jam sticks and apple slices at the Green Market, the bread samples at Dean and Deluca, etc.

But those things won’t fill you up. That’s not sustenance!

This is sustenance- Pizza.

This is what you get free every single time you buy a beer at Crocodile Lounge.

We’ve been coming to this place ever since they opened their Manhattan location years ago and I have to say it just keeps getting better.

They always have a decent selection of beer on tap-

my Raspberry Hefeweizen

-and a great selection of games in the back from Skee Ball to Buck Hunter.

Okay I’ll admit the pizza isn’t the best- the crust it too dry and the base has no taste- but the cheese and sauce are pretty good. Once you load that baby up with some oregano, garlic and parmesan cheese…it’s quite a tasty treat!

Plus they have a nice little patio out back to chill and enjoy some rays of sun.

If you’re purely looking for the best pizza in the city then walk across the street to Artichoke.

If you’re looking to chill with some beers and enjoy the night- head to Crocodile Lounge.

It’s nice to get a little something free in the city.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sheepshead Bay Chocolate

I was walking around in Sheepshead Bay the other afternoon looking for something tasty to have with my sad excuse for a lunch.

I had decided to pack some ham and cheese that morning in a rush and the idea of eating only a couple slabs of ham was depressing.

I decided to do what I always do when I’m here for work and pick up some Russian chocolates.

They always have such pretty wrapping.

I love getting chocolates here because I never know what will be inside since I can’t read Russian.

This was looking a little bit sketchy at first.

But then I opened it up and what flowed out was absolutely scrumptious!!!

See all that milk chocolate goodness surrounded by a crispy rice coating.

And look at the inside- an almond!!

It was a like a Roche but better! Yum!!

The second candy unfortunately wasn’t very good. It actually tasted like pure vodka inside so I threw it out right away.

It’s never a good idea to smell like vodka at work!

That was my first encounter however with the Russian Roche and I have to say it absolutely rocked.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back Forty

Mr. T and I spent our day off Friday watching some baseball and bumming around the East Village a bit.

I was surprised how many new places have opened up on Avenue A. So many new bars! With great drink deals.

We tried out a new one place next door to Drop Off Service and enjoyed some $3 Radeberger’s and then went to an old favorite Boxcar Lounge for their two for one deal.

We decided to grab some food around that area before we headed home so we walked over to Back Forty to see if there was a wait.

Luckily a spot had just opened up in the back so we were seated right away outside in the backyard.

The backyard had about six or seven large tables and reminded me of the backyard of Alchemy out in Park Slope.

We decided to start by splitting the Salt Cod Hush Puppies.

When we ordered these the waitress said they were out of the hush puppies but had the fritters…I’m not sure what the difference between fritters and hush puppies really is so we thought that was a little odd but whatever.

The fritters were piping hot and extremely crunchy.

I loved the jalapeno cheese sauce they came with but I didn’t really get that much of a salt cod taste for some reason. It seemed a bit masked by the breading but they were still quite good.

For my main I went for the Grass Fed Burger with Rosemary Fries.

Back Forty bills itself as a burger joint at its core so I had high expectations for this meal.

The burger was pretty thick and had a nice earthy flavor but nothing else really stood out about it.

I mean it was tasty but I think I’ve had better burgers elsewhere.

Also it came pretty undercooked. I had asked for medium rare but the inside was almost raw. Mr. T was afraid to try a bite because it looked so raw.

Mr. T ordered the Grilled Portuguese Chorizo with Clams.

The Chorizo had a nice snappy outside and a spicy hot inside.

I didn’t try the clams or beans but Mr. T wasn’t exactly thrilled with the dish.

It was kind of boring. He didn’t feel satisfied when he finished because there wasn’t very much to the dish.

It needed another component- some pasta, bread something to tie everything together.

So overall we probably won’t be running back to Back Forty any time soon for their food.

The drink list however was great. They had a couple wines from North Folk and a bunch of great local beers.

I tried out the Captain Lawrence Pale Ale and Mr. T got a Brooklyn Brewery Cuvee.

I heard they have a happy hour from 6-8 every day where beers are half off. That might be worth coming back for.

Back Forty Website

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

I hope everyone did something a little festive this year.

I took myself out for a drink at the Crow's Nest which is located on the rooftop of the Water Club.

I decided to go all out and order the Banana Pina Colada.

This drink was so delicious!! It was worth every empty calorie it contained and more.

It was such a nice day to sit otsde and look at the water.

What a great spot.

I felt like I was on vacation and it was only 20 minute walk from my apartment!

God I love NYC. Happy 4th!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jetblue Terminal 5

Sorry for the long delays in posting lately.

My life this past year has seemed like a never ending blur of things to do at all times.

The past two weekends we have been traveling and spending way too much time in airports.

However the Jetblue’s new terminal rocks!

See this computer screen? I ordered that Bud Light right from that screen and someone delivered it to my gate.

Pretty sweet huh!

It made my vacation to awesome grilled Grouper in Florida that much better!

Everything there is great…Now if they had only let us off the plane when we were delayed for 4 and a half hours I could have enjoyed the terminal even more:(