Portuguese Bakery- Povincetown

Walking around Provincetown on Sunday with the ladies I needed something sweet. I had heard about this Portuguese Bakery in town so we headed over there. As soon as I saw these in the window I knew it would be the perfect fix.

Malasada's!!!! OMG Imagine some fried dough from the fairs when you were little and make it taste about 10 times better. Look at how huge this thing is!!!

The Malasada was piping hot and had the perfect ratio of crunchy outside crust and doughy warm innards all lightly dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Can you say YUM!!!! It literally melted in my mouth! I have been dreaming about this pastry ever since that day. Apparently they sell these stuffed with custard as well. Thanks God my thighs didn't see those! I probably would have bought 10. I must find a place like this in the city. Anyone know a place?


Kathy YL Chan said…
Oh My God.

I've never seen a malassada that big!

I didn't even know the exist in that size!!