Sheepshead Bay Chocolate

I was walking around in Sheepshead Bay the other afternoon looking for something tasty to have with my sad excuse for a lunch.

I had decided to pack some ham and cheese that morning in a rush and the idea of eating only a couple slabs of ham was depressing.

I decided to do what I always do when I’m here for work and pick up some Russian chocolates.

They always have such pretty wrapping.

I love getting chocolates here because I never know what will be inside since I can’t read Russian.

This was looking a little bit sketchy at first.

But then I opened it up and what flowed out was absolutely scrumptious!!!

See all that milk chocolate goodness surrounded by a crispy rice coating.

And look at the inside- an almond!!

It was a like a Roche but better! Yum!!

The second candy unfortunately wasn’t very good. It actually tasted like pure vodka inside so I threw it out right away.

It’s never a good idea to smell like vodka at work!

That was my first encounter however with the Russian Roche and I have to say it absolutely rocked.