The Start of the Pitted Prune Weekend- Lombardi's!

One of my oldest and dearest friends, the Pitted Pruner, came down for his semi-annual visit this past weekend. I love when Pruner visits because he enjoys doing exactly what I love most- walking around the city and eating lots of food.

He flew in on Thursday night and we decided to begin our food weekend at a NYC institution Lombardi's.

We started out with a large pie- half Pepperoni and half Sweet Sausage.

I love Lombardi's pie because it has a slightly sweet sauce, the perfect amount of cheese and the best pepperoni in the city. See how it's curled up at the edges? It's slightly charred and super crispy. Mmmm...Crispy meat products!!!

Last time I thought the crust was slightly soggy in the middle so I ordered it extra crispy. This time the dough was perfect with a great foldable middle and wonderful crunchy edge.

We decided to be a bit more adventurous with our second pie and chose Ricotta Cheese, Meatball and Garlic Spinach.

Whoa look at this pie! It looks like it's covered in little mounds of mashed potato! Those mounds are actually giant dollops of Ricotta Cheese. Talk about rich!

This pie was great but one piece was more than enough. The Cheese was so heavy it was almost like eating a regular pizza with a cheesecake on top.

However the spinach was an excellent complement with a super garlicky sauce that helped to ease the rich taste of the cheese. Of course the meatballs didn't help much. Offdah! This was a heavy pie!

We ended up with a ton of leftovers which proved to be great for soaking up some beers we consumed later.

One of the strangest parts of our meal was the table next to us. Apparently one person had just gotten out of prison and they were obviously celebrating. I believe some pizzas may even have been delivered to the courthouse but I'm not positive. Anyway it made for some good conversation as we ate!

Lombardi's is not the best pie in the city but it consistently stays on my top 5 list. Good ambiance, efficient service and quite a damn good pizza. Not a shabby start to a fabulous food weekend. Tomorrow- restaurant week lunch!!

Lombardi's Website