P- Town Wrap Up

Sunday was out last full day to enjoy Provincetown so after chowing down on those wonderful malasadas we decided that one more meal of fresh lobster was in order. We just happened to be right next door to the Lobster Place enjoying some drinks at a dive bar so I figured why the hell not. I heard the lobster was some of the best in town if you could handle the touristy, family atmosphere.

Luckily we got seated upstairs right near the bar so most of the tables around us were people more our age and we had a little bit more space to move around than in the packed dining room. They started us out with a nice bread basket filled with Pumpkin Squares and Some White Rolls.

Their soup sounded really good so we ordered the Lobster Bisque and Clam Chowder.

Wow this is one of the best Lobster Bisque I have ever tasted. It had a wonderful sweet aroma and a rich velvety texture that was simply perfect. Usually I feel weighed down by all of the cream in bisque but this one somehow had the rich texture but not the rich aftermath of cream.

The Clam Chowder was amazing as well. It was super thick with big chunks of clam and potato all throughout the milky broth. Unfortunately my main dish didn’t come out to well in the picture but you’d better believe the Pan Roasted lobster was amazing! It was delicately cooked in a nice garlic and butter sauce that really keep the lobster nice and moist without overpowering the sweet flavor of the meat.

Our other entrée was the Lobster Roll which was came with an especially tasty side of potato salad and a nice buttery roll. They also brought out a large salad for us to share with four homemade dressings. For dessert we shared the Crème Brulee and some sort of Chocolate Dome. The Chocolate Dome was a little to strange for my tastes. The chocolate shell surrounding the cake inside almost dried out the flavor of the dish and it was very difficulty to bite into.

The Crème Brulee however was very good with a nice caramelized top and smooth creamy middle. That hit the spot.

Some other notes about our weekend trip. We were excited to try out Devon’s for dinner Saturday night but unfortunately our experience was not very good. The food was spectacular but the service and quantity were severely lacking. We were never served our menus upon being seated. In fact we waited so long I finally went up and asked for some after about 15 minutes from the bored looking hostess. Two other tables arrived after we were seated and they both received their wine and appetizers before we had even ordered!
The entrees we ordered were all in the $25-30 range and while they were quite tasty, the size of the dishes were quite tiny for that amount of money. Four small Scallops adorned the Scallop Plate while the Filet Mignon looked to be about 4 ozs tops. The special dish of the night I ordered was a wonderful flakey Cod in a fantastic Beurre Blanc. However one of their regular menu items, the Bouillabaisse, tasted extremely over seasoned with Old Bay and Salt. Although the quiet atmosphere was a wonderful contrast to the loud annoying Lobster Pot, the food and service couldn’t be beat. I would not return to Devon’s for another meal.

However I would return to Provincetown again for a relaxing weekend away. Our place was absolutely wonderful with a private deck and our own little space on the beach. It was nice to get together again with old friends and catch up a little. You truly need to do that every once in a while or the important things in life could pass you by.