Crocodile Lounge

When you live in the city, you get used to paying a lot of money every time you step out the door.

Oh sure- there’s some free stuff. The rotating sample at the tasting counter of Trader Joe's, the jam sticks and apple slices at the Green Market, the bread samples at Dean and Deluca, etc.

But those things won’t fill you up. That’s not sustenance!

This is sustenance- Pizza.

This is what you get free every single time you buy a beer at Crocodile Lounge.

We’ve been coming to this place ever since they opened their Manhattan location years ago and I have to say it just keeps getting better.

They always have a decent selection of beer on tap-

my Raspberry Hefeweizen

-and a great selection of games in the back from Skee Ball to Buck Hunter.

Okay I’ll admit the pizza isn’t the best- the crust it too dry and the base has no taste- but the cheese and sauce are pretty good. Once you load that baby up with some oregano, garlic and parmesan cheese…it’s quite a tasty treat!

Plus they have a nice little patio out back to chill and enjoy some rays of sun.

If you’re purely looking for the best pizza in the city then walk across the street to Artichoke.

If you’re looking to chill with some beers and enjoy the night- head to Crocodile Lounge.

It’s nice to get a little something free in the city.