Red Velvet at Sunburst

I have had a serious craving for cupcakes lately- Red Velvet in particular.

I was so excited on Friday when I ran across the new cupcake truck and got one of their mini red velvets.

Unfortunately it was quite dry and not very tasty.

So today I decided to try and find has that would satisfy my craving.

I stopped by Sunburst Espresso bar for a coffee and saw that they had these delicious looking cupcakes right up front and they were only $2.75. Score!

I took one home and dug in.

If your a frosting person this cake is for you. The frosting really outweighed the cake.

I mean look at that cake to frosting ratio.

At first I liked this cupcake. The cake was very moist and the frosting had a slightly sour flavor.

However after a couple bites this just became way too much.

The frosting was so sweet it became almost sickening and I started to get a stomach ache almost immediately.

Mr. T split this with me and if he hadn't there would be now way for me to finish it. It was simply too much.

Unfortunately the sunburst cupcake didn't do it for me. It certainly satisfied my craving but in a bad way. I don't want anything sweet for a LONG time after this!

I have yet to find one anywhere near as good as my mini guy from Lassen and Hennigs.

Too bad they are way out in Brooklyn