New Brew Friday- Beers at Petite Abeille

I was trying the chase the late day sun Friday night and really wanted to catch some rays and have a few drinks.

We decided to head over to the east side near Sty Town and check out a few neighborhood places we haven’t been to in a while. As we walked around I couldn’t believe how different that area felt. It used to be filled with lots of families but now it seemed to be all young professionals. I wonder if that has anything to do with the selling of Sty Town?

We passed Petite Abeille and realized they had a bunch of tables outside so we sidled up and got ready for some tasty beers.

Petite Abeille is a cute Mussels and Frites place that has quite an impressive list of Belgium Beers.

My first beer of the night was a De Koninck.

This beer poured a medium amber with very little head that rapidly dissolved. For a Belgium beer this is really light weighing in at only 5% ABV. Unfortunately what it lacks in alcohol it also lacks in flavor. I never really tasted anything. Maybe a little malt here and there but overall it was a little dull.

Next up the Delirium Nocturnum.

Delirium Tremens seems to be available at more and more bars lately but the Nocturnum is a little more rare. It pours a deep dark brown with a nice amount of foam on the head that stayed most of the time just lacing the glass. At 8.5% ABV this beer certainly can pack a punch but it doesn’t have that strong alcohol taste. The caramel and molasses taste give this beer a nice sweet finish that puts is ahead of the Tremens in my ranking.

The last beer I ordered was the Leffe Blonde.

If you remember Leffe Brune used to be one of my favorite beers of all time. Then I got horribly sick in Brussels after drinking them all night and I haven’t been able to stomach them since.

I decided to have a blonde to see if I could get myself used to the Leffe style again. This beer poured a nice golden yellow with the same amount of foam and lacing as the Nocturnum. At 6.6 % ABV this beer has a fantastic crisp, clean taste that was refreshing out in the summer sun.

Petite Abeille runs a special on Monday nights where all of their beer is half off. There were some really good looking bottles on the menu that normally would break the bank. That alone is worth coming back for some time.

Petite Abeille


Maria said…
We drank about a million Blondes on the 4th of July ...very tasty!