Lunch at Lobster Place

I was working in my Manhattan office on Friday which is right outside the Meatpacking district. I love working here because it gives me the opportunity to walk over the Chelsea Market and peruse all the delicious offerings it houses during lunch time and possibly see some sort of Food Network star.

Not that it usually happens. So far Paula Dean was the only one I ever saw there and she kind of looked like a robot so I got a little freaked out. Not the best experience.

Anyway Friday I wandered around sampling Fat Witch Brownies and Cookies at Ruthy’s until I finally found myself in the Lobster Place.

Apparently they renovated since the last time I was here and it looked quite different. There is a ton of more space up front and now they have a small stand in the back for ordering prepared foods.

I went to the “Shack-in-the-Back” and checked out the menu. I really wanted the Lobster Roll but I couldn’t see spending $16 on lunch (although $16 is quite reasonable for a lobster roll).

I decided instead to order the Crab Club Roll.

I have to say for $9.95 this is a ton of food.

I didn’t realize everything comes with potato chips and coleslaw.

Here’s a close up of the sandwich.

Wow this was really good! The crab was more like a crab salad with a little bit of mayo mixed in the hold it all of the rich succulent meat together.

The sandwich was topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon and a thin layer of guacamole.

I didn’t really think the guacamole flavor went with the crab meat and I took most of it off. I also thought between all of the mayo and bacon I was pretty much at my fat quota for the day. Losing some of the guac made me feel a little bit better about myself.

The sandwich was so fresh and delicious! Yum! Seriously one of the best lunches I have had in a long, long time.

I was so full after finishing this is was difficult to focus on work again. I think I was in some sort of seafood coma for a while there. Luckily it was Friday so I was able to leave a little early and go for a nap on my tar beach at home.

Thank goodness I only work in that office once in a while. Between the free brownie samples and the Shack-in-the-Back I would be a monstrosity.

The Lobster Place