Gotham Bar & Grill

I had a fun filled weekend out in Provincetown with my girls and came home exhausted last night. I decided I needed another day to recuperate so I took Tuesday off and relaxed.

Being that it's restaurant week I figured, what's more relaxing than a nice lunch by myself? So I went out!

I was planning to check out Union Square Cafe but when I went inside the entire bar was full. I didn't want to sit at a table as a solo diner so I walked over to Gotham Bar and Grill instead.

Gotham was completed reserved as well but there were a couple seats at the bar. I placed my order and took a moment to enjoy the atmosphere.

This was my first time in Gotham and I have to say the room is beautiful. The main dining area is somewhat sunken with a large window in the back and front of the restaurant that allows some natural sunlight to stream in.

Being that it was restaurant week I ordered three courses. First up my appetizer the Watermelon and Tomato Salad.

I was excited by the pretty presentation of the dish and the taste was absolutely wonderful. The watermelon and feta had a lively flavor alongside the wonderful white balsamic dressing. The whole dish was light, clean and refreshing.

For my main I got the Grilled Chicken Sausage.

Okay I would never order this dish at a regular lunch but none of the other restaurant week options jumped out at me. Holy cats I'm so glad I did though.

The sausage was huge and came with wonderful sauce on the side that was perfect for dipping into the potato puree.

The veggies were really good as well, although there was something in the mix I didn't like. It tasted like cilantro but I never saw the greens. Strange but the rest of the dish rocked.

For dessert I tried out the famed Gotham Chocolate Cake.

When this was first presented to me I thought the serving was tiny. Then I took a bite...OMG if this was any bigger I would have blown up!

It was so incredibly rich! The cake was pretty light and extremely moist but the chocolate was so intense I didn't think I was going to get even halfway though it.

Granted I finally did but it took me a little while :) This cake was almost too much for me and I'm a chocolate fined. I think I prefer something a little bit lighter.

Overall I loved my meal at Gotham. My bartender was fantastic, the food was great and the atmosphere couldn't be beat.

My only qualm was some of the people there. I understand it's restaurant week but that doesn't mean you don't have to dress up at all. I mean people were there in shorts and baseball caps! I don't think that's acceptable in any dining establishment, much less Gotham!

I'm trying to hit up one more RW lunch with my friend the Pitted Pruner on Friday. Right now the plan is either The River Cafe or Del Posto. We'll see how that compares.

Gotham Bar and Grill