Oysters and Mussels “Upstate”

We survived the hurricane with lots of liquor, Bon Chon, a whole pizza and a great time with friends. I have to say we had a pretty rocking hurricane party and luckily everything turned out okay. Of course I freaked out Friday and bought more rations than one should ever need but hey- better to have than have not right? Anyway- this review is actually from last weekend before Hurricane Irene.

Not really upstate but at Upstate restaurant, the newly opened little seafood place in the East Village. Sandwiched in a small space where Permanent Brunch used to be- it’s easy to walk right on by. Luckily we were on the lookout and grabbed the tiny four seat table up front. I was all about oysters and excited to try out the ever changing market menu.

Unfortunately as you can see they only had one oyster from the East Coast that day. This was extremely disappointing since I never care for West Coast as much. But hey- let’s try some new things right- so we ordered a huge plate to share.

Of course we got a half dozen of the Alpine Bay PEI which I love, then tried out the Deer Creek, Point Julia and Hood Canal as well.

We agreed the favorite West Cost of the bunch was the Point Julia. These guys had a deep shell and were briny but creamy and mellow. Although I wish there had been a few more East Coast it was nice to try out what we did.

In lieu of a vignette we were given a shot of grappa- an Italian wine I’ve had quite an unpleasant history with. However it seems I’ve finally found a way to enjoy this drink since it went perfectly with the briny oysters.

We also tried out a pot of their Beer Steamed Mussels which absolutely delicious! They used an IPA for the broth and the flavor was out of this world.

I was so happy when the mussels were gone and we still had a ton of bread left over to mop up all the delicious broth. I would come back again just for the mussels in a heartbeat.

The only weird thing was that the lights were off the entire time we were there and it was almost pitch black inside. I felt like I couldn’t even see my food half the time and it was a gorgeous sunny day outside! But I’ll be back! Maybe just at night when the lights are on.

Upstate Restaurant