Maybe I was Hiding in David Burke's Treehouse?

As with many restaurants in summer, David Burke’s new Treehouse has a promotion going on to attract diners during the otherwise empty summer weekends in the city. You can get six sliders and a beer for only $15. This deal sounded great so Mr. T and I stopped by last week to check it out. First of all the space is gorgeous. Located on the 2nd floor of the James hotel the outdoor patio had nice views of the city along with little cabanas for deflecting the sun.

Dale’s Pale Ale was one of the beers offered with the special so I had that while Mr. T tried out one of the sun brewed Ice Tea’s. For $6.50 this Iced Tea was pretty disappointing. There was nothing distinguishing about it and if you had handed me a Lipton’s I wouldn’t have noticed the difference.

After placing our food order someone brought over a nice little plate of bread and carrots. I really liked this as a starter. It was simple and rustic. It definitely fit the mood of the place and the carrots were quite tasty.

Now I say “someone” brought this over because our waiter never came back after we placed our food order. Not when my water glass emptied, beer emptied, ice tea emptied…not for plates when the food arrived, not ketchup, not utensils… Not only that but he seemed to think we had disappeared! Our food came out and I watched as another worker brought it by each table asking if it was theirs. Finally he asked our waiter who was standing directly in front of our table with his back to us at the time. The man asked him who ordered and he replied “Oh I think they left”. WTF is that about? Can you not see us directly behind you!

Luckily I flagged the man down before he returned the food to the kitchen and got our sliders. We had even special ordered asking for only the Tuna and Beef sliders- no Oyster. You think he would remember that.

The sliders that arrived looked impressive. They all had nice squishy buns and a nice cornichon and tomato on top. The Beef were good- a crispy piece of bacon, special sauce and some melty cheese made it an above average tasting slider. The Tuna on the other hand was strange. I don’t think the fish was bad but something about them tasted off. We couldn’t put a finger on it but it was…extra fishy? Neither of us cared for them very much and I almost wished we had stuck with the Fried Oysters.

So when we finally got our bill after multiple attempts at reaching our waiter I would say we worth both more than ready to leave and never return. The service was inexcusable and the food and drink just weren’t that good. It’s to bad because the atmosphere is simply lovely but I’m gonna say no thanks to this place.