JG Melon

I heard about this UES institution my first year of living in New York. Mr. T’s friend just raved about the burger and we immediately put it on our list of things to do…Well folks, ten years later we can finally cross it off the list.

Walking into JG Melon I was surprised at how similar the set up and décor is to PJ Clark’s. The two are almost identical, the only difference being the insane amount of melon pictures all over JG. The bar was packed but we were able to get a table in the back and ordered up some grub- burgers of course.

My standard cheeseburger with American cheese was pretty close to perfect. The meat had a nice crispy char on the outside, the bun was perfectly squishy and the inside was cooked the exact shade of red I like. I enoy the staples of dill pickle and raw onion- what else do you need? However I do enjoy a little bit more salt on the char but this was a standout burger none the less.

Mr. T’s Bacon Cheeseburger was great as well. Just like mine was cooked perfect with the addition of some awesome crispy bacon on top.

The burgers come solo so we ordered a basket of their cottage fries as a side. These were just okay. I’m very specific about my fried potatoes being thin and uniformly crispy. Some were crunchy some were soft- Mr. T had most of them.

What I loved most about JG Melon’s was the old school atmosphere complete with the small old fashioned wine glasses. Although PJ Clark’s will stay my favorite old school burger joint (original location only) JG Melon is pretty damn awesome. A fine UES institution if I’ve ever seen one.