New Flavors at Doughnut Plant

Look out world there’s two new flavors at Doughnut Plant and they’re pretty damn awesome- Banana Pecan and Matcha Green Tea.

As you can see I was so excited to try these out I forgot to take a picture until after I bite the top of one- oops! If you’re familiar with their Tres Leches doughnut the Matcha is very similar in style with an moist interior and a thick crackly glaze on top. It’s just all matcha flavored instead of milk flavored and if you know me at all you know I love my matcha.

The Banana Pecan doughnut was no joke either. Look at this beautiful fried dough studded with nuts and ‘naners. I loved the flavor combination but it was a little too sticky and big for me. I prefer a nice dense doughnut myself. Either way these are both fantastic treats that continue to make a celebration out of breakfast.

Doughnut Plant